Workshop: Implement Intelligent Automation at Enterprise Scale

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to automation delivered through Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Our automation expert will also discuss how to leverage Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Graph, new products from the Microsoft 365 Power Platform suite, to deliver accessible automation to your employees.
Microsoft Teams
91% of Fortune 100 companies use Microsoft Teams which means that more than 250 million active users are using this platform to collaborate and getting work done with their colleagues.
Automation Everywhere
Companies are increasingly implementing automation, but these solutions are sometimes not accessible to employees who can leverage automation to increase productivity at work.

Bringing automation into Microsoft Teams will make it more accessible and convenient for your employees. 
Insights That We Will Share - The Agenda for the Workshop
Benefits of Adaptive Automation using Microsoft Teams
Artificial Intelligence in Automation
Identify Potential Use Cases
Consulting in Helpdesk Automation
Design a Proof of Concept
Consulting in Helpdesk Automation
Outline Workflows and Automation Roadmaps
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