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AI Helps Companies

  • Optimize operational costs using advanced analytics 
  • Improve Product Quality by eliminating human errors
  • Provide actionable insights for creating new business models 
  • Provide a consistent user experience 

AI Technologies & Rule Systems

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Personalization and Segmentation 
  • Forecasting
  • Fraud and Anomaly Detection
  • Personal Assistants- Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home
  •  Bots- Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision 

Artificial Intelligence Software Development Services

Accelerate Your Company’s Digital Transformation with AI Solutions
Artificial intelligence (AI) software imitates human thought and cognitive processes to solve complex problems & automate repetitive tasks for your organization.  Used properly an AI system can reduce operational costs, improve a company’s efficiency, manage communication with customers and much more.

Custom AI Software Development
Softura’s AI software development team builds custom solutions that provide operational and financial benefits.  For example, an AI chat program can manage a company’s customer support by answering questions and guiding users to answers.  Having an AI program that evolves over time and is managed by a small team responding to customer’s online inquiries is often less expensive for medium sizes businesses and enterprise clients than having a large fleet of repetitive task trained employees to manage the same undertaking.

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence
AI solutions can be local standalone PC software, hosted web-based solutions, or embedded solutions that integrate with your existing systems.

Where Big Data Meets AI
Machine learning stands at the core of modern artificial intelligence, but what drives machine learning?  The answer is large amounts of data.  This is what makes AI solutions so intriguing for mid-size and large enterprises, an AI program is able to take the big data you already have and put it to good use.  We help your company transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

Let us develop a modular platform that can analyze your structured and unstructured data to learn over time, automating work and determining new ways to get better results.  AI capabilities provide companies the flexibility to innovate and gain a competitive advantage.  Call (855) 986-0356 to speak to one of our AI consultants and learn how an AI solution can be trained on your existing datasets, training processes, and daily business processes.

AI, IoT & IIoT

Smart devices and machines incorporate artificial learning to make decisions autonomously, often times while in complex situations.  From industrial process automation to interactive smart assistants.

Softura enables companies digital transformation by providing turnkey services including new custom app development, installations, and configurations, to helping with migrations and integrations of existing legacy applications. We have completed a multitude of complex workflows as well as LOB Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics/BI projects for our business clients. Our headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Industries that Commonly Utilize AI Technology

Defense & Law Enforcement

  • Image Recognition, Facial Recognition & Object Detection
  • Behavioral Tracking & Pattern Recognition
  • Prediction & Recommendation
  • Situational Analysis & Threat Assessment

Business & Professional Services

  • Customer Service Management – Chat Bots (Avatars)
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Logistics Management
  • Natural Language Processing & Translation
  • Hadoop Solutions & Data Analytics
    • Big Data Strategy Generation
    • Retail Prediction & Recommendations
      • Goods Recommendation

Banking & Finance

  • Rapid Reporting & Real-Time Analytics
    • Sequence Prediction
  • Identify Systems
    • Fraud Detection

Games & Lifestyle

  • Learned Intelligence
  • Character Behaviors
  • Decision Simulation
  • Intelligent Digital Personal Assistants
  • Smart Houses


  • Decision Making
  • Movement
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Industrial Process Automation

Healthcare & Medicine

  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Diagnostics & Symptom Navigation
  • Patient Treatment
  • Therapy Management
  • Cognitive Assistants

AI Consultation

Disrupt your industry by incorporate artificial intelligence into your digital transformation strategy.  From managing smart devices and supply chains to running companies chat programs, AI applications are growing more powerful by the day.  For a small initial investment, you can grow the foundation of your company’s digital future by building a stable, reliable, and powerful solution that will not only solve your company’s current needs today but will provide a scalable program that will take your company into the future.

Softura is a leader in providing artificial intelligence capabilities and enterprise software solutions, contact us for a complimentary no hassle consultation today so better understand how an AI software solution can fit into your company’s technology roadmap.

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