How to Automate your Workforce with AI and Bots

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 03:00 PM to 03:45 PM EST
You are invited to join our webinar presenting how you can use AI and Bots to Automate your Workforce. We will provide insights for ways to adopt an intelligent automation program at your business.
Brian Rider​
Digital Workforce Team Leader
Introducing our host section

Brian Rider is a thought leader with 20 years of technology experience in the field of Conversational AI, Automation and Machine Learning across industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Utilities, Financial Services and Gaming.

Brian has a proven track record as an Automation Architect for Lockheed Martin, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Brown, FCA and Ford saving his clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours annually. Brian is a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold two technology companies and has been recognized with awards from the Wall Street Journal and MSN.

First Step Towards Intelligent Automation
The world has fundamentally changed since the start of 2020, in a time when labor costs are growing at a faster rate than revenue — business are leaning on automation as a competitive advantage to grow stronger during these times.
Agenda for the Webinar
Creating AI automation with AI, NLP and Bots
We will present how a AI Automation will efficiently automate processes and streamline tasks with Conversational AI, Cognitive Services, Bots and Robotic Process Automation.​
Ways companies are implementing their AI Automation
We will show customer use cases such as automating IT service management, virtual chat assistants for customer service, manufacturing quality assurance process automation, COVID-19 building access for employees and more.
How to evaluate tasks and processes for intelligent automation
Describe how you can leverage Softura’s FREE “AI Automation Workshop” to help your organize, identify and prioritize automation use cases, create a roadmap for automation and define a start point to start your automation journey.
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