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We will document and prioritize your use cases for AI automation and provide you a personalized “AI Automation Roadmap” to help you get started on your journey to building a digital workforce.
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What is “AI Automation”?

AI Automation is designed to emulate a human worker by performing end-to-end activities using Automation, Artificial Intelligence “AI” and Natural Language Processing “NLP”. AI Automation allows employees to free up time from manual and low value tasks to perform higher value work for the company.

The “AI Automation Workshop” allows Softura and Stakeholders to discuss specific business improvements and prioritize each improvement where the “AI Automation” can be leveraged to drive efficiencies.

Preparing for the AI Automation Workshop

As you prepare for our workshop, you can view our AI Evaluation Guide. Having technology that can communicate via voice and text on chat-bots and recording devices like Alexa are an integral part of automating your workforce.

View AI Evaluation Guide

In addition, we recommend taking the time to watch our webinar highlighting what is a Digital Workforce, potential use cases and how Softura can help you get started with our FREE AI Automation Workshop.

View our Webinar Below:

Agenda for the AI Automation Workshop

The takeaway from the Workshop is a “AI Automation Roadmap” that will be created and given to the group. The Roadmap is an extremely useful document as it fits directly into your company’s annual IT strategy.

Post Workshop - Roadmap
Determine focus that will resonate best
Discuss the structure of the Workshop
Who should attend?
Duration of the workshop
1 to 4-hours in length
Facilitate opportunity discussions
Sort deployments of the AI Automation
Rank top 3 AI Automation opportunities
Detail an action plan
Softura generates a AI Automation Roadmap – list of automation points and action plan
Identify work – Customer vs Softura
List how automation change will impact the business/workers
Mentor Process
Mapped Workflows
AI Models
How to analyze automation benefits
List next implementation

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