Case Study


Corporate Electronic Suggestion Box Built For Employee Ideas & Business Process Improvements


An automotive parts manufacturer experienced communication difficulties between plants around the world. Each plant was limited to the ideas and solutions that it’s local expert could provide. They did not have a platform that allowed for efficient communication between plants. They were currently communicating globally using e-mail which resulted in long response times and inefficient communication. The manufacturer needed an application that would allow for crowd solving of problems and the ability to efficiently communicate those solutions between plants. Another key feature that the client needed was a repository that would allow best practice solutions to be saved and easily accessed by keyword searches.


The auto manufacturer saw that Softura’s understanding of software development as well as Softura’s understanding of their infrastructure and security needs would allow Softura to produce an application that would eliminate their communication problem. Softura created a web-based application and a mobile application that could be used on Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The application provided a forum where experts could crowd solve problems that plants were having. It allowed the solutions to be saved into a data repository from which those solutions could be accessed at any time using a simple keyword search. To encourage employee innovation and creativity, a feature allowed employees to post ideas and solutions to problems.


The application provided our client with a way to efficiently communicate on a global scale. They were able to solve problems with multiple experts within minutes. Not only did this save time and money, but it also introduced the powerful tool of crowd solving. It also allowed the best practices to be shared at their plants around the world and provided a way for them to be easily accessed at any time via smartphone.

Softura enables companies digital transformation by providing turnkey services including new custom app development, installations, and configurations, to helping with migrations and integrations of existing legacy applications. We have completed a multitude of complex workflows as well as LOB Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics/BI projects for our business clients. Our headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner.
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