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Develop and test applications faster

Rapidly self-provision as many virtual machines as you need for your application development and testing in the cloud without waiting for hardware, procurement or internal processes. Connect globally to your on-premises network with Windows Azure Virtual Network and confidently scale up, scale out, and generate load to deliver applications faster.

Access the latest development tools in minutes

Visual Studio 2013 is the best IDE for cloud development and test – and enables powerful scenarios including running Visual Studio in the cloud, plus the ability to manage cloud resources from Visual Studio. MSDN subscribers can use pre-configured Visual Studio 2013 Windows Azure virtual machine images to get up and running in a flash.

Reduce cost with access to Windows Azure through MSDN

Activate your MSDN subscription and enjoy up to $150 in credits on Windows Azure with reduced Windows Server rates and use your MSDN software such as SQL Server for no additional fee.

Deploy on-premises or in the cloud

Use Windows Azure to develop and test your application faster, at a reduced cost, and then choose where to deploy them. You can go into production on Windows Azure, or export your virtual machine and go live on-premises or with a hosting provider. The choice is yours.

Wait, there’s more

Developers building on-premises applications or migrating on-premises applications to the cloud will immediately see the above benefits by using Windows Azure Virtual Machines. In addition, Windows Azure also provides several services that can be used to develop and test a variety of applications. Some of these services include Windows Azure Web Sites, Mobile Services, Cloud Services, SQL Databases, and Windows Azure Storage.

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