Build Out Your Data Pipeline in 8 Weeks​

In a 6-8 week timeframe Softura can build out your data pipeline to connect the data in all of your plants regardless of their location.  We handle the linking, storage, and analytics against your stored data.  And since we are cloud agnostic we will recommend the best cloud platform for your particular needs whether it be Azure, AWS, Google, etc.


  1. Build out a data pipeline to integrate with both real time data stream and data in batch mode.
  2. Build the architecture that is scalable, elastic and can support analytical workloads including Machine Learning.
  3. Support long term data storage and ability to query data against massive data store.
  4. Automate the infrastructure build out.


  • Data Platform Design Document
  • Source Code
  • Working Demo
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Operations Guide / Quick Run book


How can we deliver all of this in 6-8 weeks?
Due to our extensive experience we have a number of accelerators available that dramatically lower both the time and cost involved.

Why Utilize Softura

We also hand over the algorithm so you don’t get stuck on a particular platform.  Our project delivery includes the source code, infrastructure, a working demo, data platform design doc, and a questions/setup book.  If you want more help managing or improving your new data pipeline we can support you, but with Softura you are not locking into using our services.

    • Looking to have your data pipeline built out?
    • Want to know more about the possible technology stacks or accelerators?
    • Curious to learn more about our proven IIoT/IoT strategies?

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