Case Study


Medical App Development with OBGYN EMR Specific Features


A leading OBGYN Hospital was using Cerner EMR, but found that OBGYN specific functionality within the application was rather limited and that it fell short of meeting their requirements.  Their doctors had specific functionality and data hierarchy that they were looking for within a software system and as customization of Cerner to meet their requirements would have been expensive and time consuming they were at a loss on how to proceed.  The Hospital was also affiliated to a major University Health System which required anonymized data for research and analysis to support an NIH grant.


Softura designed, developed, and deployed a custom web-based OBGYN EMR application using Microsoft .NET technologies and a SQL Server backend. We also integrated the new application to Cerner’s ADT Feed using the HL7 protocol. This solution was then rolled out and hosted internally at a leading Hospital in Detroit that is a part of major healthcare system. One of the key features of the application was that it included ultrasound device integration with image annotation capability from within the EMR system. It also had the ability to be integrated to a billing clearing house for claims submission. To meet requirements for the NIH grant, back-end data export of anonymized data for statistical analysis was enabled.


The OBGYN group now has an application that meets their unique requirements and integrates with Cerner at a significantly lower cost and faster timeframe that it would have taken to customize Cerner. And by meeting data analysis requirements, the university is also now able to take advantage of the NIH Grant.

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