Case Study


IoT based Monitoring Application for Jail Facilities


The monitoring and logging of inmate activity and Guard authorities inside of a Correctional Facility is often done manually, is labor intensive and error-prone. The physical practice and regulatory requirements of each activity, demands that each Guard visit certain facility locations and cell locations on a mandatory basis.  Each Guard is also required to record activity with each inmate and various interaction points. Three important challenges of the current process:

  • Increase the efficiency of the data capturing process
  • Reduce manual errors and fraudulent data entry (tricking the system)
  • Lack of a single interface to capture data, review data and generate reports

Our client asked us to develop an enhanced solution for ease of use, trace-ability, accountability, and accuracy. The applications (Web Application and Mobile App) were designed and developed in core Android and back office/portal was deigned in MVC app.


Softura designed, developed and deployed an IoT solution leveraging BLE technology leveraging Azure Cloud Services with the following capabilities:

  1. Using Beacon BLE technology for detecting proximity of the jail authorities mobile phone and the cell
  2. Providing a mobile-app friction free experience for the guards and management to capture the data quickly
  3. A portal based on Azure Cloud technology to administer the devices, customize the notifications and generate reports and insights based on the captured IoT data
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