Case Study


IoT based Monitoring Application for Jail Facilities


The monitoring and logging of inmate and guard activity inside of a correctional facility is often done manually; which means that it is error-prone, labor intensive, and is susceptible to fraudulent data entry.  Regulatory requirements and SOP’s dictate that guards must visit certain facility and cell locations on a mandatory basis.  The guards are also required to record the actions of each inmate and various interaction points.  

Our client came to us looking to solve three critical challenges:  

  1. Increase the efficiency of their data capture process.  
  2. Reduce manual errors and fraudulent data entry.  
  3. Develop a single solution that not only captures and allows for review of the data, but also generates meaningful reports.


Softura’s team designed, developed, and deployed an IoT based solution that leveraged BLE technology and Azure Cloud services. Using Beacon BLE technology the jail facilities can now not only accurately track a guard’s movement, but also determine their proximity to an inmate’s cell. Our mobile-app provides a friction-free experience for the guards and management to easily log and review data. The back office portal, which was based on Azure Cloud technology supports device administration, application customization, notifications, and report generation based on the captured IoT data.


Our enhanced solution provided trace-ability, accountability, and data accuracy.  The web and mobile based application was developed in core Android and the back office portal was designed in MVC.  The application is now currently in use at multiple jail facilities and handles millions of IoT interactions every year.

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