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Clinical Management Application that Doesn't Make You Jump Through Hoops

Most research projects are funded by grants, which leads to a limited technology budget and a set duration to complete the project. Furthermore, most research studies must follow specific protocols and maintain compliance with standards and regulations, including HIPPA.  

So while easy access to the data and metrics should be available to study administrators, participants data must be protected and kept confidential. Because of these challenges, most research projects still operate via paper documentation or clumsy in-house built applications.

Because of this, most research projects struggle to provide proper communication consistently. Hoopla’s study management & retention application / Care Planning System tackles these challenges with a device-agnostic application that helps with:

  • On-boarding of Participants
  • Management of Clinical Activities & Lab Results
  • Communication with Sites & Participants
  • Capturing of Clinic or Study Data
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Improving Retention & Protocol Compliance

Clients Proudly Include

15+ Years developing Research Applications For

  • Clinical software for nurses in a care setting
  • Hands – Versions 1.0 & 2.0
  • Study/awareness for Chemo Spills

  • Clinical software for tracking physical therapy outcomes
  • Wound Care management
    • Web based for clinicians & PT’s
  • Clinical software for partner based studies
  • Web based with mobile application
  • Clinical software for university research projects
  • Cancer care study
  • HIV & ATN network studies
  • Adolescent/teen behavior, risks, & prevention
    • Single participant & couple/family based participant coordination



Study Management

  • Dashboards
  • Recruitment/Eligibility Screening
  • Baseline/Onboarding Survey
  • Multi-arm Study (i.e. Intervention Control)
  • Multiple Sites
  • Follow-up Surveys
  • Lab Results
  • Provider Forms
  • Tele-medicine sessions


  • Compliance (HIPAA, etc)
  • Cloud based
  • Data Exports
  • Authentication & secure login
    • Role based with data access based on role
  • Interface with external systems
  • Support for email, text messages and push notifications

Study Setup & Configuration

Set up your study to match the protocol-and change it if necessary. Re-use your study setup for a future study!

  • Configure your study based on the approved protocol
  • Add sites
  • Build study timeline
  • Upload your own logo & customize branding
  • Standard activities are:
    • Survey(s)
    • Visits – in person or telemedicine
    • Tasks

Study Management

Follow participants and their activities

  • Add/Remove staff/team members
    • Add roles & permissions
  • Manage custom fields
  • Add study documents
  • Edit/Add message templates
  • Add/Update site profiles
  • Setup reminders & notifications
  • Collect notes, communication and activity logs in common portal

On-boarding Participants

Setting up your study, onboarding participants and managing your study can be a challenge.  Pair that with multiple study sites and the management of this critical process can seem overwhelming.  

Talk to us about using our customizable eligibility screener and registration form to streamline the recruiting process.  Got your eligible participants?  Great – we have the study management dashboard and mobile apps you need to carry you through for a successful study. 

Keep participant engagement high with our iOS and Android mobile apps for activity reminders, personal messages and relevant content.  Focus the available content to participants based on their study arm and progress in the study protocol.  Your study team can watch participant progress with the management portal dashboards and anticipate issues before they happen.  Study management has never been so easy!

Participant Study Interaction

  • Potential participant screened for eligibility
  • Enrolled and assigned to study arm through the management portal
  • Downloadable app from iTunes or Google Play
  • Interacts with study team and clinicians through a mobile app
  • Can complete surveys, send/received messages and view informational content through mobile app

Participant Management


  • View their timeline
  • Communicate via email, text or add a phone log
  • Status updates
  • Running list of recent activities

Profile Screen

  • Contact information
  • Notes
  • Labs
  • Custom fields
  • Documents

Calendar Management

Appointment Calendar

  • The calendar for managing visits or video conferences is set up during the study setup process
  • Visit/video conference appointment types are included in the calendar management
  • Available staff members to host the visits or appointments are listed on the calendar

Appointment Setup

  • Drag an appointment type onto the calendar to create an available appointment
  • This can be a recurring appointment based on date, number of occurrences
  • The duration is established in the appointment type setup

Staffing an Appointment

  • Staff members make themselves available for appointments in their calendar management
  • Site staff can then assign them to host appointments
  • Once a staff member has been assigned to host a participant can select the appointment from the mobile app
  • Site staff can also book an appointment on behalf of a participant
  • An email confirmation is sent to both the staff member and participant
  • Appointments can be canceled/rescheduled until the appointment time

Study Dashboard

Where the study team goes to see an overview of the study, action items, metrics

Key Features & Technologies

  • High level metrics of the study based on the protocol
  • Click through to participants from the metrics in the timeline summary
  • View a log of all recent activities
  • Manage calendar events
  • View/Upload study documents and reference material
  • Add/Delete study team members
  • View of all participant planned activities
  • Status of participant
  • View and manage the study status
  • Communicate with participant and view all communication history
  • Participant profile information
  • Add an adhoc task for this participant
  • Add/Modify/Cancel visits with study team
  • Based on protocol study can be configured for time sensitive events
  • Notifications and reminders are configurable during study setup
  • Staff members can be assigned to host the event
  • Integration with Zoom for telemedicine sessions
  • Provider Forms available to document events
  • Collected data from participants through surveys
  • Can be custom configured through the management portal or integrated with a popular third party survey engines like Survey Gizmo
  • Ability to download survey responses from third party tools and export them
  • Reminders and notifications are configured through the management portal
  • Surveys can be completed through the mobile app
  • Study team notified when surveys are completed
  • Xamarain
  • C#
  • SQL Server Database
  • Can be hosted on your servers or cloud
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Study Gizmo
  • Twilio
  • HL7 integration to EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Systems 

Hoopla = An Evolution in Research Management

Are You Ready to Automate & Simplify Your Research Project?

Bringing Everything Together

Set up your study to match the protocol – and change it if necessary.  Re-use your study setup for a future study!

  • Technology
    • Multi-Platform & Mobile App Support (Web, iOS, Android, Etc)
    • Can be hosted on your server or the cloud
  • Key Features
    • Supports Multiple Sites
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Customizable Randomization by Site, User, Algorithm, Etc. for intervention & control group
    • Eligibility Screeners & Questionnaires allow automatic study enrollment
    • During & Post Experiment Feedback Options
  • Integrations
    • Interfaces with popular third parties including study Gizmo & Twilio
    • HL7 integration to EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Systems 
  • Includes surveys, quizzes, informational screens, & videos
    • Supports external content management portal
  • Intuitive Interface
    • Custom Branding & Themes
    • Add/Remove staff members by role
    • Manage custom fields
    • Add study documents
    • Edit/Add message templates
    • Add/Update site profiles
  • Integrate with powerful data analytics tools or Export Study Data into Excel for Further Research
    • Real time view of study health & retention 
    • Visualize your data at multiple levels
    • Metrics from the study protocol and trends
  • Data Recording & Security
    • HIPAA Compliant – User Anonymity Guaranteed
    • Audit trail of communication

Case Study


Research staff at universities often have a limited IT budget when it comes to their clinical research studies. Which is the primary reason that most research studies are still conducted via paper or in-house piecemealed programs. This leads to inefficient studies that are often unreliable and may not ensure compliance with protocol.


Our developers created an innovative cloud-based platform that is device agnostic and HIPAA compliant for clinical research studies.  The application allows study administrators to customize participant selection methods and requirements, information and educational content provided within, study structure, and communication methods to a mobile friendly application. 

Through use of system generated notifications, streamlined communication, and real-time analytics protocol compliance was dramatically improved.  User specific notifications, in-app messaging, and customizable alerts about upcoming or missed events also lead to greater participant retention.  Administrators were now able to remotely manage clinical activities, lab results, study progress, and status reports through the application.


After the implementation of our clinical management application, the University was able to manage the study more effectively by communicating to their participants through our app, being able to easily access the data, and monitoring the specific protocols. They were also able to lower their investment and avoid the high costs of licenses and customization by leveraging integration their current technology. Through proper protocol automation and recording of the data generated, our client is now able to trust the accuracy of their data produced and the process of manage multiple participants and studies at once is dramatically simplified.




Why Hoopla?





Escape from Outdated Study Management

Paper based & MySQL data collection has been transformed to a web based, multi-user platform with mobile app support

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