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AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Accelerating your company’s digital transformation by solving complex business problems without human intervention.

Application Development

A uniquely custom software development solution that maximizes the value you receive from your IT investments and fuels your innovation.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Intelligent solutions to reimagine your business strategy that will scale your data and keep it secured.

Clinical Research Management Application

Accelerate your clinical research management with a fully-integrated solution designed to increase efficiency, view real-time data and track key milestones.

Cloud Enablement

Unique and innovative ways to modernize and optimize your business while decreasing costs.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing

A new surge of technology—knowledge and resources that empower the manufacturing sector, take production to the next level and revolutionize the way information is managed and shared.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the physical and digital world in real-time to create actionable intelligence every step of the way.

Mobile Development

A turn-key end-to-end mobile solution for enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and security while reducing costs.

Portals and Collaboration

Communication solutions that use industry-leading collaboration software—such as intranets, complex workflows and portals with a custom environment—to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Technology Consulting

Sustainable business solutions—delivered with strategic development, implementation and management, straight to the intersection where digital meets physical.

Team As A Service

Our TAAS Model allows you greater agility and personnel flexibility to achieve your desired business outcomes faster.

Digital Communications Company

Monitor equipment in Real-Time, Virtually Anywhere with Custom Power BI


A digital communication company came to us wanting to know the real-time data and status of the various machines on their shop floor. Their goal was to enable team members near and far to monitor and manage their machines. Their existing process had data residing in multiple standalone applications, which lead to an inability to effectively track status issues. This inefficiency in communicating issues meant that machine malfunctions weren’t being alerted until after the fact, ultimately leading to excessive downtime. This problem also steamed from their ineffective and costly BI tool the provided no interactive visuals to monitor equipment.  


Our development team configured an on-premise data gateway setup that allowed them to securely access real-time data on their machines from virtually anywhere. In addition, our team also centralized their model production data, allowing for actionable insights, well as developed a BI proof of concept using custom visuals through Power BI.


Through custom automation and the direct connection through the SQL Server, this solution provided them the ability to monitor real-time machine status and track issues, saving time and energy. The newly uncovered data points lead to early discovery of issues, thus reducing machine downtime and significantly improving production. Additionally, the implementation of a Power BI custom dashboard solution visually represented the exact machine location within the plant, drastically improving their coordination and shop floor efficiency.

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