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Digital Transformation Checklist: Here's What You Need To Know

Align Team

Align team members on the benefits that digitizing the company will bring to their departments and roles. Have them see the difference it will make in being more effective and enabling the company to outpace the competition by providing the organization with a competitive edge

Align on Vision

The vision should be clear, timeless, and include the long term strategic objectives of the organization. The digital transformation plan and business plan have become so interdependent that business success now depends on its execution.

Align on Future Customer

As millennials become your target customers and decision-makers, you must plan your business around the areas where your customer's use of technology is second nature.

CIO's can choose one of two pathways. The first is that they can harness digital disruption and turn IT into a source of business innovation and a competitive advantage. Or They can preside over an increasingly marginalized IT department, a shrinking business, and possibly obsolescence.
Align on Moving Fast

Fail fast, make mistakes, keep re-tooling, report to the team what is working and what is not. It's imperative you act with urgency because your competition is.

Align on the Plan

The CIO, along with the team must define the governance framework that effectively migrates the risk and embraces innovation.

Invest in the Right Tools

Find the appropriate industry-specific software tools for your digital business. You should look at all areas of your business, from accounting, supply chain, marketing automation, collaboration, customer experience, security, and reporting - there are 100's of applications available to help you seamlessly transform your business.

Use Saas & Cross Device

Use SaaS applications that solve your critical business issues where available. Use cross-device experience that will support all major mobile platforms.

Use AI Where It Fits

Take advantage of comprehensive services, infrastructure, and tools to build AI-Powered experiences. These should include bots that naturally interact with users and built-in advanced analytics tools to make faster predictions.

Find the Right Talent

It's critical to have a technology talent strategy. With technology becoming more pervasive in every department within your organization you need to attract and retain the right talent. Once you have the talent, you must continue to train them on the ever-emerging technologies and tools.

Digital KPI's

Digital KPI's enable CIO's and the team to gauge the impact of digital business initiatives. This allows you to re-calibrate and tweak digital models based on measurable value and performance.

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