Case Study


Corporate Electronic Data Collection Application


Quality of milk plays a big role in producing the best cheese. It has been proven that good quality milk is produced by healthy cows. Our client sources the milk it uses to manufacture their cheese from various farms. In order to ensure the cows met the required specifications, they would have cows in all of their supplying farms inspected. This was all done on paper, mailed into the corporate office, and then entered into a computer. The data was analyzed using automated systems within the company and the feedback was mailed back to the farms. This process was incredibly time consuming and introduced the high possibility of error during data entry. They were looking to automate this process of data collection and data transfer.


Softura offered them a unique mobile solution that would allow them to eliminate the entire process of manual data collection and reporting to the corporate headquarters. The solution was an application that was able to be accessed on iPhones and iPads. The app allowed the inspectors to easily capture the cows’ health data even when there was no internet connectivity (offline mode). The data would be sent to the computer at the corporate office for further analysis. This solution allowed them to continue with their current working processes, however it reduced the time of the processes greatly and effectively reduced the risk of error.


After the implementation of the application they immediately saw an increase in the efficiency of data collection. They were able to get more accurate information days before they would have been able to with their previous process. With the elimination of manually entering the data from paper to a computer, the risk of error was further reduced. Softura’s understanding of their work flow allowed for the seamless introduction of the application without hindering any of the current processes. This saved them additional time because they were able to use the processes that they had been using in the past. The unique solution allowed the producer to produce better quality products in less time with fewer errors.

Softura enables companies digital transformation by providing turnkey services including new custom app development, installations, and configurations, to helping with migrations and integrations of existing legacy applications. We have completed a multitude of complex workflows as well as LOB Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics/BI projects for our business clients. Our headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner.
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