Case Study


Corporate Electronic Data Collection Application


It has been proven that healthy cow’s produce a higher quality milk and a key aspect in the production of the best cheese’s is the quality of milk used.  To guarantee consistent quality of their cheeses primary raw material our client had their farmer’s cows regularly inspected to verify that their specifications were being met.  An inspector would fill out a paper inspection form and then physically mail it into their corporate office where an additional staff member would then manually enter the data received into their system.  This process was incredibly time consuming, labor intensive, and introduced a high possibly of data entry errors.  They came to us requesting a system that would automate the data collection and transfer process.


Our developers created a unique mobile solution that would allow them to eliminate the entire paper data collection process.  This solution was a mobile friendly application that enabled inspectors to easily capture the cows’ health data, even when there was no internet connectivity (offline mode).  Once their device reconnected to the internet it would automatically send the data to the system at the corporate office for further analysis.


After the implementation of the mobile application they immediately saw an increase in the efficiency of their data collection. They were able to get faster more accurate information days before they would have been able to with their previous process. Additionally, the elimination of having to manually transfer data into their system eliminated the risk of data entry problems and lowered their labor costs. Softura’s understanding of their work flow allowed for the seamless introduction of the application without hindering any of their current processes.

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