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Custom IoT Software Development

With recent advancement of smart homes, smart cities, smart enterprises, and smart manufacturing every day more consumers and enterprises are entering the smart world.  Softura offers end-to-end expertise for IoT and industrial IoT solutions.  Using a strategic mix of sensors, RFID-tags, beacons, badges, sensors, machines, tags, and more we utilizes IoT connected devices to drive high demand smart products, advance operations & analytics, improve business models, increase company value, and drive innovation. Collecting, ingesting, and properly using data provided by IoT devices for real-time applications is complex and the amount of data collected is substantial, let us turn that data into actionable information.  

Whether your new product is for smart homes, smart enterprises, or smart industrial manufacturing\distribution environments, our years of software application development and integration expertise has made us the ideal partner to support your companies IoT device development.  We have the experts that can bring the internet of things insights and intelligence that your enterprise needs to improve its efficiency and business offerings.  Give your organization better data, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge.

IoT, IoTT Platform Design Services

IoT Strategy & Consulting

Data Gathering, Storage, & Processing

Middleware & IoT Platform Development

Mobile Applications

IoT Analytics

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Back-End Infrastructure & Integration​

App UI & UX Design

End-to-End Expertise

Smart Industry

Real-Time monitoring and control of machines, equipment, and devices on the shop floor. Supports preventive maintenance, quality control, inventory management, object/person tracking, and more.

Smart Fleet

Real-Time monitoring of vehicles location and condition (Fuel, oil, speed, emissions, etc.). Supports preventative maintenance, performance monitoring, asset tracking, and route optimization.

Smart Business

What could remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset (person/device) management, and inventory/supply chain optimization do for your organization?

Smart Retail

Smart shelves, inventory tracking, geo-fencing, targeted ad placements, beacons, and security devices.

Manufacturing IoT

What measurements are important to your machines, equipment, and vehicles.  From preventive maintenance, inventory control, smart surveillance, and process automation IIoT is revolutionizing the way products are made, utilized, and delivered.  

  • Fleet Tracking & Preventive Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Smart Security with Facial Recognition
  • Monitoring Temperature, Lighting, Humility, Oil Level, Equipment Status, Etc. 

Homes IoT

Smart Home IoT is rapidly changing with new devices constantly being added to the environment.  This requires smart home systems to incorporate machine learning, voice control interfaces, proper connectivity protocols, and other modern technology features.

  • Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Security Sensors
  • Water/Flood Detectors
  • Lighting

Healthcare IoT

From emergency alert devices to fitness tracking, Softura can create a connected platform solution for your unique needs.  When it comes to healthcare IoT you need to ensure your developer creates a reliable solution that is scalable to ensure proper monitoring and messaging.

  • Healthcare Monitoring Devices
  • Personal Wellness Technology
  • Fitness Trackers

IoT Development Services

Asset Management & Optimization

  • Use real-time data insights gained to drive business intelligence
  • Allows for Improved optimization & automation of workplace functions

Connected Platform & Experiences

  • Design and Build the right middleware that can support ingestion and processing of huge volume and high velocity of data from a variety of sources including:
    • Generations of the product
    •  Cellular Network
    • Gateways

Remote Health Monitoring

  • Leverae the connectivity to obtain telemetry data real-time
  • Build data driven models and actionable insights to transform your business

Control Systems

  • IoT Data Acquisition 
  • Industrial IoT – Cloud Connectivity
  • Legacy IoT Connectivity
  • NextGen PLC Programming

Data Monetization

  • Prioritize your use cases to maximize ROI, create new produts, services and new business models
  • B2 Integrations to monetize your APIs and data
  • Increase operational efficiencies 
  • Reduce your recall costs and improve the product quality 

Process Automation

  • Industrial IoT devices (IIoT) improve traditional PLC and DCS driven control systems
  • Advanced real-time data analytics = Improved efficiency & automation of manufacturing production process

Smart Monitoring

  • Improve security, safety, production, and user experiences through intelligent automation
  • IoT enabled smart monitoring solutions provide real time alerts & updates
    • Combined with the right software to drive smart responses and automation this technology drives process efficiency and peace of mind

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Leveraging over 20 years of success, Softura is a global software development and modern technology consulting company. Our mission is to innovate the world one technology solution at a time! Simply put - we design, code, and deliver complex architecture, applications and systems that are built upon leading modern technologies. Our global headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner.

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