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Modernize your applications today to make your enterprise future-ready! Deploy anywhere, close the skill gaps, hone application security, and foster continuous innovation.
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"It will no longer be the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow”
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Softura’s Application Modernization Services

Gain a competitive advantage by modernizing your legacy applications to deliver more agility and flexibility to your enterprise. With legacy technology skills diminishing rapidly, and virtually no possibility of integrating with modern applications, how can you ensure that these systems still function reliably?

Over time, many legacy applications have become slow to respond to change and difficult to maintain. Although still critical, they often become roadblocks to performance efficiency and hinder the smooth operation of your enterprise.

The solution then is to innovate and modernize!
Take Charge of Your Applications Now!

What drives the need for business application modernization?
On the business side, value and agility are the primary concerns. From an IT perspective, cost, complexity, and scalability are the essential drivers.

If you are experiencing problems, concerns, or impediments due to the technology, architecture, or functionality of legacy applications, it's time to modernize.

Limited Accessibility
Increased Cost of Ownership
Increased Time-to-Market
Inhibition to Growth

Enterprise Application Modernization Is No Ordinary Feat

Many enterprises intend to modernize, but don't know where to start. At Softura, we make the process painless, tackling potential challenges and answering your questions:
What technology should you invest in?
How do you eliminate technical debt and ensure you’ll remain competitive?
How do you make these quick decisions without causing any business disruption?
With Softura, you will have an able and experienced partner, who will be your guide on your digital journey.
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  • Softura’s Agile DevOps Process is Proven to Deliver Predictable, Consistent, Quality Code
  • Softura’s Extensive Toolset Enabling Faster, Lower Cost Innovation on DevOps
Softura's automated software modernization process shortens the time-to-market while requiring fewer people hours on the job.
The Softura Solution
Enable A Culture of Agility & Innovation

Softura works with you to accelerate your software modernization process. From the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of modern applications, we do it all. We begin small, craft an ROI-based strategy aligned to your goals and help you realize quick wins.

With an extensive toolset and accelerators, Softura can exactly demonstrate how we fast-track innovation using Azure DevOps, Azure Boards, GitHub, etc, employing our proprietary agile process methodology.

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Re-invent Your
Enterprise Applications

Get ready to modernize your infrastructure and apps, drive better value for your IT spends, and achieve your business objectives! Become a digitally evolved enterprise with Softura’s cloud migration and modernization services!

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Agile Business Processes
Reduced Costs & Greater ROI
Enhanced features & Functionality
Improved Operational Efficiency
Enriched Customer Experience
Faster Time To Market
The Softura Success Story
Leveraging modern tools and technologies, we’ve helped clients transform how they operate. We can do the same for you. The numbers that narrate the success story!
Years in Business
Successful Projects
The Softura Capabilities
Powering The Technology Transformation

How do you cost-effectively prepare your IT environment and applications, to meet your current and future business needs? Simple. Get in touch with Softura!

Leveraging our deep knowledge of modern technologies, infrastructure, and industry expertise, we help you mitigate transformation risks as you embark on your digital journey.

Rich Technology Stack
Softura offers a rich technology stack that enables us to build custom applications of any complexity and scale. Our ability to use cutting-edge technologies and ongoing focus on skill development has enabled us to become a trusted technology partner for our customers.
Blended Delivery Model
Our hybrid onshore/offshore delivery model gives us the opportunity to leverage both onsite and offshore expertise, taking advantage of the different timezones, thus ensuring 24 x 7 services. We maintain seamless communication and synergy between the two teams and deliver cost-effect application services tailored to your business objectives.
Extensive Expertise & Experience
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, and by continuously adding new areas of expertise, we have proven competency to cover the end-to-end development & migration process for various platforms and deliver effective software solutions for every business.
Proven Process Framework
At Softura, more than 90% of our engagements are executed by leveraging the core principles of the Agile framework. Our proprietary Agile DevOps Framework enables us to respond quickly to the changing needs of your objectives, ensuring continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) throughout the project lifecycle.
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