Case Study


Enterprises Custom Expert Witness Application


A legal & professional services companies lawyers depended on expert witnesses in their cases to provide expertise on specific fields. The lawyers were aware of different experts but there was no consistent database of information that allowed them to share that information with one another. This process was unreliable and time consuming. The client needed a single data repository that would store contact information for all previously used experts. They needed consistent information that could be accessed by their lawyers anywhere, at any time.


They saw Softura’s industry-leading ability in both web application development as well as mobile application development. Softura came up with a solution that was unlike any the industry had seen before. Softura created a single data repository that allowed for the storage of contact information from previously used experts. In addition, the application allowed lawyers to rate the expert based on expertise and impact of winning the case. It would also quickly identify where the expert witness had inefficiencies that would negatively impact their case. Softura developed both a web application as well as a mobile application that provided reliable information that was easily accessible in the office and away.


With the new application set up, their lawyers were able to easily access expert witness content prior to reaching out and asking them to assist in the trial case. They were able to be more efficient and accurate when finding experts reducing hours of research and labor cost. Their lawyers had access to this data repository both on the web and on their mobile devices. A key benefit that they experienced  was the ability to integrate the application into third party software systems reducing the need for duplicate entry. The application was able to seamlessly integrate into their current landscape of legal applications resulting in saving both time and money. Looking forward, the application platform was built to accommodate growth requirements within the firm.

Softura enables companies digital transformation by providing turnkey services including new custom app development, installations, and configurations, to helping with migrations and integrations of existing legacy applications. We have completed a multitude of complex workflows as well as LOB Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics/BI projects for our business clients. Our headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner.
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