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Softura is a global software development and modern consulting company that leverages more than 20 years of success to design, code and deliver complex architecture, applications and systems built on leading modern technologies.


Softurians use digital solutions to innovate, accelerate and improve the way the world works. Explore Softura careers today to see how you can help reinvent the way business is done.


Softura works with thousands of clients across hundreds of industries to deliver forward-thinking solutions.

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Explore the industries and verticals Softura is currently transforming with our breakthrough technologies.


Softura’s thought leadership helps your company gain the competitive advantage you need for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Softura works with industry-leading technology disruptors to deliver our clients best-in-class tech solutions.

AI Automation Workshop

We will document and prioritize your use cases for AI automation and provide you a personalized “AI Automation Roadmap” to help you get started on your journey to building a digital workforce.

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Accelerating your company’s digital transformation by solving complex business problems without human intervention.

Application Development

A uniquely custom software development solution that maximizes the value you receive from your IT investments and fuels your innovation.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Intelligent solutions to reimagine your business strategy that will scale your data and keep it secured.

Clinical Research Management Application

Accelerate your clinical research management with a fully-integrated solution designed to increase efficiency, view real-time data and track key milestones.

Cloud Enablement

Unique and innovative ways to modernize and optimize your business while decreasing costs.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing

A new surge of technology—knowledge and resources that empower the manufacturing sector, take production to the next level and revolutionize the way information is managed and shared.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the physical and digital world in real-time to create actionable intelligence every step of the way.

Mobile Development

A turn-key end-to-end mobile solution for enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and security while reducing costs.

Portals and Collaboration

Communication solutions that use industry-leading collaboration software—such as intranets, complex workflows and portals with a custom environment—to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Technology Consulting

Sustainable business solutions—delivered with strategic development, implementation and management, straight to the intersection where digital meets physical.

Team As A Service

Our TAAS Model allows you greater agility and personnel flexibility to achieve your desired business outcomes faster.

Add a cloud backend

Windows Azure gives you the flexibility to power your mobile apps using Virtual Machines, Cloud Services or Mobile Services. With support for popular languages like .NET and NodeJS, built-in continuous integration, and access to any API, your development team can be up and running in minutes.

Reach every user on every platform—Microsoft® Windows®, Android™ or Apple® iOS

With native SDKs for Windows Phone and Windows Store, Android, Apple iOS and HTML5 Windows, Azure Mobile Services lets you reach every user on every platform. Get maximum flexibility with an open REST API. Point multiple client apps to the same mobile services backend and deliver a rich and consistent experience on any device.

Push notifications to millions

The Azure Notification Hubs mobile push notification engine allows any app to broadcast push notifications to millions of Windows Phone and Windows Store, Android and Apple iOS devices with only a few lines of code. Notification Hubs also enables pub/sub routing and tag-based multicast, which makes sending push notifications to a particular subset of users—such as those following a given sports team—easy. Today, the Bing News app relies on Notification Hubs to deliver breaking news to millions of devices in minutes.

Make your app social

Mobile Services makes configuring user authentication via Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter accounts as simple as a few clicks. Once users authenticate, you can not only personalize their experiences, but also increase engagement and sharing.

Connect on-premises systems

Mobile Services allows you to leverage your existing assets, both in the cloud and on-premises. Consume any Windows Azure service—including Service Bus, Media Services, Windows Azure Active Directory and Storage—or choose from the many third-party services in the Windows Azure Store. Connect to on-premises databases, Active Directory systems, and Windows Intune—even Oracle and SAP—using BizTalk Adapters.

Scale on demand, with global availability and reach

With Windows Azure, you can scale your app on demand—and as your traffic grows, without provisioning additional infrastructure. Windows Azure offers a high-availability SLA for apps built with Virtual Machines, Cloud Services or Mobile Services as well as access to the global network of Microsoft managed data centers, allowing you to reach users anywhere in the world.

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