Case Study

Motor Vehicle Accessories Manufacturer

Building a SharePoint Project Management Office application & dashboard


An automotive accessories company was using a very labor intensive process that involved manual entry of data into excel spreadsheets to track their projects progress.  The process was inefficient, costly, and unreliable which resulted in slow product-to-market time and high operating costs.  The manufacturer wanted a solution that would provide a great user experience, reliable data, and increased efficiency.  The solution also had to be scalable and easily adoptable by their employees in order to significantly reduce their manual labor costs.


Softura’s developers worked closely with the client to understand their unique business operations and project requirements. This knowledge combined with our prior industry expertise allowed us to quickly create a core solution built on the SharePoint platform that not only exceeded their requested requirements, but also provided for future growth. The platform included modules and workflows which had the ability to interact with the other applications that the company utilized. This provided them a single data repository, eliminated the need for Excel spreadsheets, and greatly increased the accuracy of their information.


After the implementation of the SharePoint application, our client experienced increased efficiency and reduced labor costs due to the elimination of several manual processes.  They were thrilled with how much our solution lowered their operating costs and that they could now trust their data’s accuracy.  A key benefit captured with the SharePoint solution was enabling individual users to track multiple projects as they worked through the APQP process.  Their product-to-market time improved and as they were now able to address the concerns of their customers in a timely and precise fashion they found increased customer satisfaction.

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