Softura's Software Programs

Softura has a number of software programs available to support health care providers, educational institutions, manufacturers, distributors, and more.  Our applications support tracking inventory, staffing, managing registrations, transaction processing, and other key business areas.


WoundTracker® is a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for all health care providers involved in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.​

eClassTrak 2.0

• Instant, online registration over the Internet
• Comprehensive administrative reporting
• Access real-time class availability

eClassTrak-SACC 2.0

• Shares database with eClassTrak
• Flexible online payment processing
• Accommodates unique schedules

eSiteTrak 2.0

• Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
• Schedule and edit multiple dates
• Comprehensive administrative reporting

WoundTracker® is a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for all health care providers involved in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

The health care provider today feels frustrated by, and perhaps a victim of, his/her EMR. WoundTracker® has been designed to make life easier for medical professionals so that they can focus on what they do best : Take care of patients.

The WoundTracker® team of Health Information Technology (HIT) professionals, certified wound care specialists, business administrators and revenue cycle management experts, built WoundTracker® to harness the power of technology and improve productivity using intelligent workflows, alerts, scheduling and navigation within the WoundTracker® application.

eClassTrak 2.0
Online Class Registration

eClassTrak 2.0 is a web-based class registration and program management software that is designed efficiently and effectively to improve your current solution. Patrons can browse, register and pay for classes online then receive an email confirmation/receipt. eClassTrak2.0 saves time for both patrons and staff. By eliminating the need to install software, manage hardware and handle support and upgrade hassles, eClassTrak 2.0 is guaranteed to be a great cost effective solution for you.

eClassTrak - SACC 2.0
Online Child Care Registration & Management

Child care has never been so easy…for the parents and staff!

eCt-SACC is a Web-based child enrollment program and management software that is designed specifically for the school environment. eCt-SACC shares a database with eClassTrak to ensure cross platform efficiency and accuracy. Parents can browse, register and pay for childcare or enrichment classes online, and then receive an email providing confirmation of the selected services as well as a receipt. eCt-SACC saves time for both parents and staff while providing a cost-effective, low maintenance, no hardware to buy and no upgrade hassle software product.

eSiteTrak 2.0
Online Facility Scheduling & Management

eSiteTrak lets you quickly and without conflict schedule any type of space on your campus. It instantly searches for available space by facility, space type, capacity or a variety of other user defined categories. Schedules are displayed in an easy to read calendar format allowing you and your patrons to review and compare one space or any combination of spaces you have available.

Looking for the most flexible online registration software?

Our online class registration, facilities management and childcare software is time tested and proven serving hundreds of organizations in 35 states and counting! Over 20 years as an industry leader in registration software.

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