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HotDocs Consulting Services

By outsourcing your document automation to Softura, you guarantee a fast return on your investment. Softura can implement a successful automation strategy at your company, and we can do it faster and for less than you can do it internally. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about spending money training staff, paying for overtime, or losing your trained employees in the middle of critical projects, which allows you to concentrate on running your business instead of adding to your workload. 

Softura consultants and developers will convert your documents into HotDocs® intelligent templates. Our goal is to communicate the capabilities of HotDocs® to you, identify your automation goals, develop a system around your goals, properly train your end users to maximize your system’s potential and develop an ongoing relationship to support the systems we develop.

The development phases of the HotDocs® system can be broken down as follows:

System Design and Project Planning

During this phase, in order to develop a design strategy, Softura consultants will meet with you to review your documents. We will schedule timelines and mark-up the documents to get them ready for automation. This is a critical part of the system development so we make sure that we develop systems that can grow with you over time.

Document Conversion

Using your logic, Softura developers will convert your documents into intelligent templates. All templates are thoroughly tested by Softura consultants before their release. Template development is done off-site.


Softura consultants will work with you to install the templates on your local workstations or network. We will help you to integrate it with any database programs, document management systems, and time and billing software that you require, if necessary.

End User Training

This phase ensures that the end users understand how to generate complete and accurate documents. Due to the user friendliness of HotDocs®, the end-user training usually lasts approximately two hours. Upon request, manuals and on-line help systems can be included in this phase.


Softura will maintain the system for you on an as needed basis. We can add documents to the template set or make revisions to the documents as your needs change. Softura can negotiate a retainer and maintenance contract suitable to your business, upon request. As an alternative, we can train your in-house developers to maintain your templates internally.

Developer Training

Our consultants will customize a seminar to train your personnel in all or any aspects of HotDocs® template development. This training is geared toward your particular business or law practice using your own documents and typically done in your office. Proven methods for developing stable, efficient and error-free template libraries will be introduced to your developers.

We will also provide your organization with a HotDocs® Style Guide. This contains recommendations on how to implement a successful document assembly program. These recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • Successful project planning tips
  • The establishment of variable naming conventions
  • Written guidelines for document mark-up
  • Various strategy philosophies and programming techniques
  • Suggestions for system documentation and component file management
  • Helpful system maintenance hints

Template Conversion

We can assist you with all of your template conversion needs. This includes conversion of templates from desktop to online, converting one version of HotDocs® to another and converting templates from one word processor to another.

Template Maintenance

Our consultants can assist in maintaining templates you already have set up and running in your office.  When forms need updating, language needs modification or laws change, we can do this with the quality you expect from professionals, to assure quick turnaround.

Due Diligence System Development

With a smart due diligence system designed to meet the needs of you and your clients, you can increase your productivity on due diligence projects and consistently obtain high quality results. We can build a customized system that permits you to leverage the knowledge and expertise in your organization. Obtain the same high quality results using personnel with lower billing rates. Give yourself a competitive advantage in bidding on due diligence jobs.

Customized to your specifications, we can provide your clients with consistently prepared reports on the results of your due diligence work.  We can reduce the possibility that members of your due diligence team will fail to identify material issues.

Smart due diligence systems can be used for any type of due diligence projects including the review of:

  • Documents to identify privileged and confidential communications
  • Mortgages
  • Indemnities
  • Leases
  • Letters of Credit
  • Documents in the discovery process
  • Title policies
  • Pending litigation
  • Real estate surveys
  • Guarantees
  • Promissory Notes
  • Portfolios of loans of any type

HotDocs Server

Our Consultants can configure, implement, and maintain a HotDocs® Server solution that fits your needs. Whether it is a document assembly within SharePoint, a conversion of existing HotDocs® templates to a centralized server, or a totally new web-based document solution, we can do it all. We can bring data straight in from any of your core databases or applications, helping you avoid re-keying. Just ask and we can architect and recommend the right server infrastructure tailored to what you want to accomplish.

  • External or internal document assembly
  • Integrate to core databases and/or applications
  • Launch HotDocs® interviews through your browser

We care about our clients, let us show you today

Call us at (248) 859-4987 or email to get started or request a personalized complimentary consultation.  Your no-obligation consultation with one of our experts will answer your questions, cover Softura’s capabilities, and review your potential project’s time-frame along with the associated cost/options available.  From there we will swiftly develop a no-obligation project proposal custom tailored to solve your company’s specific needs.

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