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Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, video interviews for job seekers are an increasingly common part of the hiring process.

Tips to Prepare Yourself Before an Interview

Before attending an interview, you should have prepared for
• Dress code
• Body language
• Mock interview, if possible

What Are the Things to Avoid During the Video Interview?

• Being Too Casual
• Picking the Wrong Place
• Skipping the Tech Test

How Long Does a Video Interview Last?

The average length of a video interview can vary from 15 minutes to several hours. There is no fixed length of time that an interview can last. The length of your interview can differ based on numerous factors including the type of interview it is, what phase of the interviewing process you are in, the industry or type of position you are interviewing for, and the personal choice of the interviewer or hiring manager.

Tips for A Successful Video Interview

To clear a video interview some basic tips to be followed are:
• Select a quiet, private place, free from distractions.
• Confirm your internet connection is stable.
• Check your computer’s audio performance.
• Check your computer’s webcam.
• Close any unwanted web browser tabs and applications.
• Dress professionally and avoid bright colors.
• Keep a pen, notepad, and a copy of your resume on your desk.
• Use a professional screen name.
• When attending, nod and smile to express you are engaged.
• Make eye contact.
• Speak in a confident tone and body language.
• Use hand gestures when appropriate.
• Keep your phone in silent mode.

Common Video Interview Questions

Some common interview questions you should be prepared for are:
Why are you interested in working for us?
Why should we hire you?
What do you know about our company?
What's your greatest accomplishment?
What is your ideal work environment?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What are your biggest strengths and weakness?
How do you measure success?

How to Get a Job Through a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency helps to find a wide variety of jobs, including permanent jobs, in several industries. Recruitment and staffing agencies provide opportunities ranging from entry-level roles to senior management.

How Does Wintegrity Work?

Job seekers can apply to a wide range of jobs through Wintegrity. Wintegrity works with employers and job seekers to enable a successful job match. We consider numerous factors such as: skills and experience, qualifications and education, culture fit, salary expectations, career development and progression, start date and last but not the least, potential to assist in business recovery and future growth.

Benefits of Wintegrity for Job Seekers

• Free to use by job seekers
• Wintegrity has experience working with companies across different industries and sectors
• Increase your chances of getting hired

Looking for a career change?

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