Automate your IT Helpdesk with Microsoft and Softura

Here is a video that demonstrates how to Enable Intelligent Helpdesk Automation with Microsoft Teams and AI Bots to intelligently process most common helpdesk tickets in minutes.
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A Game-Changer in IT Ticketing Management
In an age of automation and unstoppable business workflows, choosing the right processes to automate is crucial to maximizing human potential. Discover how an automated ticketing system can speed up customer query resolution times. Get ready to work smarter, not harder!
Brian Rider​
Digital Workforce Team Leader
Know Your Host

Brian Rider is a thought leader with many years of technology experience in Conversational AI, Automation, and Machine Learning across industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Utilities, Financial Services, and Gaming.

Brian has a proven track record as an Automation Architect for Lockheed Martin, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Brown, FCA, and Ford, saving his clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours annually. Brian is a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold two technology companies and has been recognized with awards from the Wall Street Journal and MSN.

Insights That We Will Share - The Agenda
Helpdesk Automation
IT-Helpdesk Automation - The Next Big Thing in Ticket Resolution
We help you understand how an automated ticketing system has a great potential to relieve your knowledge workers of mundane, repetitive tasks to focus on more productive tasks.
Artificial Intelligence in Automation
Leverage AI and ML to For Faster Issue Resolution
We provide you with an insightful learning experience on how IT Ticketing automation helps increase help desk productivity to nearly 99.6%.
Consulting in Helpdesk Automation
Softura’s Automated IT Ticketing Resolution Platform
We take you through a facilitated walkthrough of our automated ticketing platform that can help you deliver a radically superior customer experience with a much leaner IT team.
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