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Simplify Automation: Implement Intelligent Automation at Enterprise Scale

Nov 10, 2021
03:00 PM to 03:30 PM EST
Join our Automation Webinar and learn how to:
Make Automation Accessible to all your employees without any training
Artificial Intelligence in Automation
Resolve routine IT tickets in seconds leading to a greater service experience for your workforce
Consulting in Helpdesk Automation
Demo of common Automation Use Cases: Helpdesk tickets, Employee onboarding / offboarding, Approval workflows, Hardware and Software requests
Consulting in Helpdesk Automation
Learn How to Utilize Microsoft Teams and AI to Orchestrate Bots the Practical Way
Brian Rider​
Digital Workforce Team Leader
Know Your Host

Brian Rider is a thought leader with many years of technology experience in Conversational AI, Automation, and Machine Learning across industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Utilities, Financial Services, and Gaming.

Brian has a proven track record as an Automation Architect for Lockheed Martin, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Brown, FCA, and Ford, saving his clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours annually. Brian is a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold two technology companies and has been recognized with awards from the Wall Street Journal and MSN.

Microsoft Teams
91% of Fortune 100 companies use Microsoft Teams which means that more than 250 million active users are using this platform to collaborate and getting work done with their colleagues.
Automation Everywhere
Companies are increasingly implementing automation, but these solutions are sometimes not accessible to employees who can leverage automation to increase productivity at work.

Bringing automation into Microsoft Teams will make it more accessible and convenient for your employees. 
Join us to learn: 

Automate Repetitive Tasks 

Make your Employees more Productive
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