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Industry 4.0 Services

Build a Connected Ecosystem
Industry 4.0 Services

Who doesn’t want to improve operational efficiency? It’s imperative for modern businesses to transition from digital technologies to the more powerful and smarter Internet of Things (IoT). Industry 4.0 helps you make that transition seamlessly.

Add more agility to your business and gain a significant competitive advantage with industry-specific solutions designed by our experts. Let us help you implement industry 4.0 right into your manufacturing process.

Take advantage of the same tremendous growth opportunities that IoT technology has offered the logistics industry. At Softura, we’ve supported various OEMs, including General Motors, Ford, and Komatsu, with connected vehicle initiatives (telematics).

Softura develops cloud-based fleet management solutions for the below industries:
Construction and Utilities
Transportation and Logistics
Food and Beverage
Passenger Transit
Taxi Services
Oil and Gas

Digital Transformation 4.0

Engineering Superior Digital Solutions
Fleet Management

Tracking your fleet is no longer a challenge. The power of IoT makes your vehicle tracking solutions automated, economical, and efficient. Though the Internet of Things can have multiple applications, the most relevant will be the fleet management system. The IoT powered devices monitor various parameters like stopping time, the driver’s behavior, and the idling speed.

Softura’s IoT powered, GPS controlled fleet tracking system and telematics help businesses analyze, optimize, and track their fleet, whatever their variant or size. With the help of an intelligent dashboard, users can get real-time information about their vehicle’s status, on-board diagnostics, and location.

Softura’s smart fleet management solution helps in performance monitoring, route optimization, asset tracking, smart surveillance, and preventative maintenance

Insights Offered:
Route runs/trip history
Real-time status/location
Fuel usage
Time on site
Vehicles, machines, and equipment
Capabilities Offered:
Theft detection and geofence alerts
Camera integration
Fuel level, temperature, equipment/cargo monitoring
Messaging and communication
Diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Business Environments
Accelerate the digital transformation of your business by embracing industry 4.0 solutions, and explore new frontiers in digital manufacturing.
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Softura Industry 4.0

Facilitating Digital Value Chains


Our Industry 4.0 services follow a scalable, sustainable, and holistic approach. We identify growth opportunities and interpret your current state to come up with smart solutions.


We deliver solutions across different levels of the stack, right from industrial automation to data science and IoT, etc. Our software portfolio can transform your industry and offer real-value.


We provide industry-specific solutions that meet our clients’ requirements spread over retail, service, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.


Armed with expert technical knowledge and a skilled workforce, we deliver solutions that meet your expectations, needs, goals, and budget.


Our primary focus point is always your success. We prioritize, define, and identify use cases that suit your industry precisely.


We always partner with you to help you transform, make you lead, enhance your operations, engineering, and performance to add value to your business.

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