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IoT Application Development Services

Unleash the Power of Connectivity
IOT Application Development Services

Internet of Things is an intricately woven, revolutionary digital transformation that has taken organizations by storm. Today, it connects machines, systems, processes, and people in a technology-enabled network.

Using a strategic mix of connected devices and solutions, we improve business models, increase company value, and drive innovation for our clients with better data, improved efficiency, and an overall competitive edge.

Regardless of whether your product is for smart homes, industrial manufacturing/distribution environments, or enterprises, we have the solution for you! Softura’s IoT application development and integration expertise will support your company’s IoT device development. Our experts can bring the IoT insights and intelligence your enterprise needs to improve its efficiency and business offerings.

IoT Application Development Platform

Connecting Digital & Physical Worlds
IoT Strategy & Roadmap

The first step in Softura’s IoT strategy is to identify all the pain points that can be addressed strategically by adopting IoT technology.

Next, we create the best roadmap for implementing your IIoT. We come up with an action plan that starts right from scratch to the deployment stage. We conduct various workshops and assessments and build a solid business case (monetization) to clearly understand your requirements, find the triggering factors, and come up with a foolproof strategic roadmap.

The Softura IoT Decision Framework takes into consideration the below points.

User Experience(UX)
To begin with, we strive to understand in the best way possible about who your user is and what their needs are.
Data Decision Area
The data strategy is clearly defined, and the data flow through different layers of the technology roadmap is also interpreted clearly.
Business Decisions
A solution monetization framework is built by coming up with reliable business decisions that will include the IoT product/system’s economic potential.
Technical Solution
This decision factor will offer a clear-cut overview of the device software, hardware needs, and topology; the cloud solution can also be incorporated to form a complete technical solution.
Security Decisions
Important security decisions to identify layers of the roadmap that could be compromised, how to respond if any device gets hacked, and what technology can be used to secure the roadmap’s various tech aspects.
IoT Architecture Definition

Once the IoT strategy is planned, we assess your organization’s capability to adopt the technology and then design the solution architecture as per your business requirements.

We harness all the resources, hardware, and software into a single framework to develop a reliable, cost-effective, and integrated IoT solution. As a leading IoT development services provider, our developers are skilled at designing a robust solution architecture that is scalable enough to make many more integrations. With a high-load back-end, your IoT solution will be able to handle thousands of connections concurrently.

Along with defining a scalable architecture, Softura also helps you with the selection of Cloud and IoT platforms.

  • An IoT platform can help you accelerate your time-to-market, reduce your development cost, and minimize your risk.
  • You can use the IoT platform to create distinct features for your solution.
  • While selecting your IoT platform, you need to make sure that it can operate in a secure way across the IoT technology stack.
  • The platform should also be efficient enough to manage all IoT devices.
  • You can achieve all this and more with our IoT Platform accelerators for PaaS-based IoT platforms, Azure and AWS that are open and extensible.
Development and Integration
Solution Implementation
Remote device integration & management
Connected platform development
IoT Application Development Services

Implementing a complex IoT solution with cloud management and multiple connected systems will need unique skills and expertise. At Softura, we are armed with an expert team of professionals who can complete a project and deliver it without causing any disruption to your business. We operate under Build-Transfer and Build-Operate delivery models to ensure that your operations and delivery get the flexibility it needs.

IoT Application Development Services

The remote device integration and management will help eliminate your issues and create a scalable and secure environment for fault detection, updates, corrections, analysis, and monitoring. We implement complete device management to offer you version control, deploy firmware updates, and manage the device status.

IoT Application Development Services

We leverage the Azure IoT accelerators as our primary building block and develop solutions that help you business build, deploy and manage the IoT devices seamlessly. Unite all your spaces from hospitals to restaurants to factories, all with a scalable and flexible IoT platform. You can also integrate with digital twins, enable real-time analytics and acquire IoT telemetry data.

IoT Development Services

Smart & Connected Enterprise Solutions

Softura is a trusted name in offering full-cycle IoT platform development at the most competitive prices in the US. Our IoT solutions help you get access to a huge amount of untapped data that can play a crucial role in assisting them in making smart decisions.

IoT Application Development Services

Provide your employees the analytics they need to make the right decisions that hasten productivity, growth, and profitability with IoT

Gain better control over your processes with IoT and attain automation capabilities to deliver faster and handle challenges better.

Achieve better resource utilization and productivity levels with M2M communication facilitated by IoT.

Create clearly defined and well-focused marketing campaigns by easily understanding customer preferences with the help of IoT.

Track the quality, location, quantity, and other related parameters with IoT and simplify the complexity of your supply chain.

Increase the audience size and decrease the expenditure by deploying all the IoT features into your business.

The Softura IoT Expertise

An Experience Par Excellence


The best IoT cloud platform providers backed up by over 20 years of experience in IoT application development, analytics, and data.


Subject matter and domain expertise span various industries like energy, retail, technology, healthcare, and much more.


Built-in security is one of the most integral parts of our IoT application development with strict adherence to standards.


Development of IoT applications that are convenient, easy-to-use, and offering a rich user and customer experience.


Scalable IoT software that can easily incorporate changes, be it a new feature, new workload, or new users.


Cost-effective delivery models with a proven track record of delivering IoT projects successfully on time and within budget.

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