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Employee “Self-Service” Bot

Your employees deserve proper Automation to improve their productivity. Use Microsoft Teams or Slack to automate your business quickly and easily.

       Do the Following all within Microsoft Teams or Slack!!!

  • Automate your IT Help Desk
  • Allow employees to buy what they need, when they need it
  • Automate “Joining” / “Moving” / “Leaving”
  • Present Power BI KPI’s that drill down
  • Register and Track Assets
  • Atomate PO processing
  • More, More, More

Unleash the Power of Intelligent Automation

With Softura’s Employee Service Bots
Softura’s RPA solutions work with many technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and Power Apps.
Softura’s Digital Worker
Full-Cycle Automation:
Automate all stages of employee support requests using a low code Bot.
Conversational Interface:
Employees access a user-friendly Bot providing a comprehensive conversational interface for quick and easy resolution.
Seamless Communication:
Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Slack, ServiceNow, and other technologies across your entire technology stack.
Employee Service Bot Softura

Softura’s Intelligent Automation

Is a Gamechanger
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Softura’s Employee Automation Solution Examples

Work Smarter; Not Harder
Ramp up your automation and provide a better employee experience.
Password management
Ticket Status
Hardware and Software requests
Request a password reset in conversational English and let our digital worker handle the rest.
Employee Service Bot - Softura
Whether you need a status update or a fix, our digital worker can troubleshoot your queries.
Employee Service Bot
Trust Softura's digital worker to handle the provisioning of your hardware and software seamlessly.
Employee Service Bot

Simplified Automation For Predictable Results

Essentially any high-volume, rules-driven operation can be automated. However, this requires a careful understanding of your existing workflows, an assessment of the workloads, and typical turnaround times to ensure that the automation solution drives the intended ROI.
Intelligent Automation

Determine the suitable candidates for automation. Identify processes that are high volume, rule-based, and impact the speed of resolution.

Develop the automation solution by building a conversational AI interface, enabling end-to-end automation and integrating with the overall enterprise architecture.

Validate the implemented solution by testing the Bots in a test environment and updating the Bots to fix any bottlenecks as needed.

Deploy the digital worker in your helpdesk environment. Review the performance and fine-tune the same to ensure optimal performance.

Assess the Bot performance over time and take corrective actions as needed. Perform ongoing maintenance of the Bots

Determine suitable candidates for automation by identifying processes that are high-volume, rule-based, and are slow to resolve.

Deploy automation of a conversational AI Bot. Enable complete automation by integration with enterprise architecture.

Monitor Bot performance over time and use conversations to tighten results delivered.

Deploy to production. Review automation performance and fine-tune to ensure optimal performance.

Validate the automation solution by testing the Bot(s) within a test environment and making adjustments as needed.

Intelligent Automation

Proven Framework; Measurable Outcomes

Designed with conversational alerts, Softura’s Digital Worker can help you:

Reclaim Unused S/W licenses
Proactive alerts to prompt the employee to recover unused software licenses

Accelerate Approval Process
Automated workflows that seamlessly route approval requests on the same platform

Notify Credential Expiry
Prompt password reminders that reduce the incoming tickets by at least a thousand

Reduction in resolution times from 3 days to 3m.
Accuracy in issue resolution
Reduction in ticket backlogs
Reduction in support costs
Increase in employee productivity
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Unlocking Possibilities With A Data-Driven Approach

Our data-driven strategy harnesses Microsoft “Power BI”, allowing us to identify the most suitable candidates for automation.

Experience The Power Of Conversational AI

Learn more about Softura’s AI-driven Employee Service Bots.
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