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Cloud Migration Services

Meet your business objectives, and drive your digital transformation by migrating enterprise applications to the cloud. We offer you a seamless, secure, agile, and modernistic journey from your in-house IT to a smarter and competent cloud infrastructure.

At Softura, we promise you a fine blend of applications, security, and infrastructure that can leverage the cloud’s potential to the fullest. It doesn’t matter where you stand on your digital journey. We pick you up from there and add value to your organization to lead you towards improved efficiency and productivity.

We align your business challenges with tailored solutions that meet your goals, needs, and resources. We help you gain improved resilience and agility while mitigating the risks involved in the movement of business-critical processes.

Cloud Enablement Solutions
Harnessing The Power of The Cloud

Cloud Assessment Services

Softura is your cloud migration services provider who offers you a “Cloud First” approach. We identify the cloud integration opportunities inside your organization. We then analyze the gaps between your existing structure and the cloud solution to understand how cloud migration can improve your operational efficiency.

This cloud assessment is a detailed analysis and can take anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks. Our elaborate assessment helps develop a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective strategy for your cloud migration

Plan & Scope
Plan the cloud integration and take stock (inventory) of all the hardware and software that fall within the scope.
Decide & Determine
Compute the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the above inventory and determine a value scorecard by considering individual requirements
Calculate & Analyze
Determine a future-state design based on the scorecard, calculate the TCO for the future-state design, and perform a cost-benefit analysis.
Recommend & Implement
Provide the right recommendation with a foolproof strategy, approximate timeline, and implementation cost to help you get started.
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Infrastructure Services with Microsoft Azure
Whether you’re creating new applications or running existing ones, Microsoft Azure provides an on-demand infrastructure that adapts and scales according to your business requirements.

Softura’s best-in-class price, undivided support, and performance enable you to set up stable business environments that will power all your business-critical operations. Microsoft Azure also allows you the flexibility to develop and deploy mobile or web applications on the cloud or on-premise, much faster and in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile Apps
Azure helps to build scalable mobile applications easily and quickly. You can now store the data in the cloud, push notifications, and authenticate users within a few minutes!
Web Apps
Azure provides flexible and secure development, scaling, and deployment options for web applications of any size. You can use the existing tools to deploy and create applications.

Azure offers durable and scalable backup, recovery solutions, and cloud storage for any data type to meet your needs.

Azure works with the infrastructure you own to enhance the business continuity strategy cost-effectively and meet your cloud applications’ storage needs.

Azure Active Directory offers a cloud-identity service that is enterprise-ready and enables multi-factor authentication abilities and single sign-on experiences.

Azure enables you to bring together all your applications, data, devices, and partners, both on-premises and in the cloud. The flexible toolset can solve your integration needs.

Azure provides the right solution for your data needs, from SQL database to blobs to tables. You can leverage existing skills to gain scalability and flexibility.

Azure offers on-demand resources that can help you to run both the batch and parallel compute jobs within the cloud or to extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud readily.

Application Migration to Cloud
A Strategic Enabler For Business Scalability

Cloud applications include all the features that are inherently present in cloud architecture. The benefits that steer you towards scalability include security, resilience, and reliability. In addition to these, you get the below-listed benefits too!
Cloud Migration Services
Improved Access
Get easy and quick access to any application from any device all across your organization.
Cloud Migration Service Providers
Increased Efficiency
Optimize all your business operations to streamline your business for better efficiency.
Cloud Migration Service Providers
Reduced Dependency
Reduce the dependency on your in-house IT teams and drive core focus to the business.
Cloud Migration Services
Maximized Savings
Minimize the spending on troubleshooting and maintenance activities to improve savings.

Softura - the Decision
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A professional Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are one of the very few Microsoft Azure Circle Partners in the Midwest.


We develop unique and innovative solutions to address several business challenges you never knew even existed until you finally encounter them.


We actively collaborate with you and help you envision, manage, and develop solutions hosted in private, hybrid, or public clouds.


Be it a small business with bandwidth constraints or a large organization with hardware issues, we assist and solve your problems!

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We are one of the very few Microsoft Azure Circle Partners in the Midwest area. Give us a call to talk to our cloud expert now.

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