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Softura is a global software development and modern consulting company that leverages more than 20 years of success to design, code and deliver complex architecture, applications and systems built on leading modern technologies.


Softurians use digital solutions to innovate, accelerate and improve the way the world works. Explore Softura careers today to see how you can help reinvent the way business is done.


Softura works with thousands of clients across hundreds of industries to deliver forward-thinking solutions.

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Softura works with industry-leading technology disruptors to deliver our clients best-in-class tech solutions.

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Accelerating your company’s digital transformation by solving complex business problems without human intervention.

Application Development

A uniquely custom software development solution that maximizes the value you receive from your IT investments and fuels your innovation.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Intelligent solutions to reimagine your business strategy that will scale your data and keep it secured.

Clinical Research Management Application

Accelerate your clinical research management with a fully-integrated solution designed to increase efficiency, view real-time data and track key milestones.

Cloud Enablement

Unique and innovative ways to modernize and optimize your business while decreasing costs.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing

A new surge of technology—knowledge and resources that empower the manufacturing sector, take production to the next level and revolutionize the way information is managed and shared.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the physical and digital world in real-time to create actionable intelligence every step of the way.

Mobile Development

A turn-key end-to-end mobile solution for enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and security while reducing costs.

Portals and Collaboration

Communication solutions that use industry-leading collaboration software—such as intranets, complex workflows and portals with a custom environment—to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Technology Consulting

Sustainable business solutions—delivered with strategic development, implementation and management, straight to the intersection where digital meets physical.

Team As A Service

Our TAAS Model allows you greater agility and personnel flexibility to achieve your desired business outcomes faster.

Transform Your Data from Hindsight to Insight

The ability to scale your analytics capabilities and keep your data security strong will help your business prosper. With more than 20 years of business analytics experience, Softura’s business intelligence services will help you move quickly from spreadsheets of data into a remarkable data-driven user experience.

BI and business analytics allow you to generate information that provides actionable insights that can be accessed anywhere. BI is about having the right information, at the right time, in the right format, for the right people. With the evolution of BI tools, an organization no longer needs to depend on their IT professionals to be the primary users of BI applications. Whether your focus is traditional BI, where IT professionals generate in-house transactional data to generate reports, or modern BI, where business users generate visuals and interact with systems to analyze data much faster, Softura is ready to help.

Offerings Include:

Benchmark reporting

Custom reports

Dashboard and scorecards

Designing, modification and customization of reports


Embedded analytics

Key performance indicator (KPI) analysis

Maintenance and support

Operational business intelligence


Portal integrations

Process management solutions

Benefits of BI Solutions

Eliminate guesswork through data insight to make accurate and timely business decisions.

Executives sometimes make decisions based on best guesses and gut feelings. Frequently, however, decisions made that way prove to be inaccurate, since they weren’t completely informed. With BI, your decisions will be data- and insight-driven, analyzed in real time so you can make immediate decisions.

Identify new revenue opportunities.

The ability to analyze all your data means you’ll have the insights to take advantage of potential opportunities you may have overlooked in the past. You’ll also be able to create new offers based on the current market situation, or that you know will better appeal to your customers.

Successfully track KPIs.

Get alerts and notifications every time the data changes for a specific KPI, so you can drill down to see why it happened and how you can fix it.

Get answers to all your questions.

Plus, gain insight into issues you haven’t considered…yet! That’s the beauty of automated insights; free from our natural observational biases, so they can give us answers to questions we haven’t even asked.

Allow different types of users to access data and dashboards.

With self-service solutions, business users don’t have to depend on IT to access data and create dashboards; they can access key metrics and reports on their own. When you use a governed self-service BI tool, you allow all users to benefit from BI—but maintain only one version of the truth.

Get a 360° view of your customers.

Get more insight into customer behavior and use that knowledge to provide them with customized offers. Knowing what customers buy or don’t, at what time and where, enables you to turn this information into profit.

Better manage your inventory.

BI can help you manage the amount of inventory you order and the logistics for correct management. It can also detect any anomalies in your inventory data.

Improve your business’s productivity.

The days of reporting that took weeks are long gone. By giving you insights within seconds, your BI solution not only saves time, but you and your team get answers faster.

Enable more accurate resource allocation.

BI allows you to analyze exactly how each business unit is doing and gives you insights as to how to improve them—so you know which areas of the business need more resources.

Take advantage of your team’s full potential.

By collaborating and creating discussions with other team members when you spot changes in data, you can make better decisions together. Determine the relevant people for a specific issue and create an ad-hoc team to solve it.

Incorporate predictive analytics.

Accurately predict what will happen—before it happens. For instance, know which machines or equipment are most likely to need repairs, and intervene before they break down.

Common BI Questions and Challenges

BI is a set of processes, technologies and tools that allow us to turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into plans.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You can’t measure what you can’t describe.

BI is about using data to help users make better business decisions and improve business performance.

  • Data quality issues
  • User resistance
  • Resource availability
  • No standardization of BI
  • Growth of data

BI helps you find answers to questions you know; Big Data helps you generate questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask:

  • Ask yourself…
    • Do you have multiple silos of data that are hard to access or identify?
    • Do you wish these silos could be integrated into a single source of truth for your data?
    • Do your managers, C-Levels, etc. have accurate dashboards that they can easily consume?

With a more immersive and innovative approach to data using the latest technology choices, we bring a new mindset to the analytics discussion and your business objectives.

Welcome To Data-Driven User Experiences

Open and Flexible

Based on 100% Apache Hadoop, HDInsight enables your Big Data solutions to run in Windows Azure. In addition, with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), you can also run your Big Data applications on Windows Server or Linux. This flexibility is unique in the industry and allows you to take advantage of existing Apache Hadoop projects including Apache Pig, Hive, Sqoop and much more.

Insights Through Microsoft Excel®

Empower users to gain actionable insights by analyzing unstructured data from HDInsight in Excel. Mash up results from HDInsight with data from internal, external, relational and non-relational sources. Use Excel’s advanced technology such as Power Query, PowerPivot and Power View to perform dynamic analysis on the combined data set. Map your data easily with Power Map, a powerful 3D mapping tool in Excel 2013.

Custom web applications

Our application development services will maximize the return on your sourcing investment by offering you the right solutions.

Building Big Data Apps Your Way

HDInsight offers developers programmability with your choice of language, including Java, .NET and other languages. .NET developers can use the power of language-integrated query with LINQ to Hive. Database developers can take advantage of existing SQL skills to query and transform data through Hive.

Big Compute

Run large parallel and batch compute jobs in the cloud, or to extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud.

Burst and Scale On-Demand

Applications that work with on-premises clusters or grids scale and perform well in Windows Azure. Deploy Virtual Machines and Cloud Services when your business or users require them. Run tens, hundreds or thousands of cores to meet a deadline, manage peak workloads, test new models or experiment to get a better design or solution. Tackle your compute-intensive simulations, rendering jobs and analyses by using resources in the cloud with the performance you need. Do work initially on your desktop, then at scale in the cloud when you need it.

Rich Stack

Windows Azure provides a rich set of solutions for developers and IT professionals, for storage and data management, connecting networks to the cloud and other important operations. To help manage hybrid compute clusters, we provide Microsoft HPC Pack. With HPC Pack, you can deploy an on-premises compute cluster with Windows Server and easily extend it with Windows Azure when you need additional capacity. You can also use HPC Pack to deploy a cluster entirely in the cloud and connect to it over a VPN or the internet.

Broad Partner Ecosystem

Take advantage of a wide range of applications, libraries and tools from independent software vendors with solutions across industries such as financial services, engineering, oil and gas, life sciences and digital content creation. Your existing cluster manager and job scheduler can work with Windows Azure Virtual Machines.

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