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Business Intelligence Services
Transform Data from Hindsight to Insight

Power BI Services

The ability to scale your analytics capabilities and keep your data security robust will future-proof your business. With more than 25+ years of business analytics experience, Softura’s business intelligence and Analytics services will help you move quickly from spreadsheets of data into a remarkable data-driven user experience.

Business Intelligence and business analytics Services allow you to generate information that provides valuable insights that can be accessed anywhere. As a leading provider of Power BI services, we know that actionable business intelligence is about having the right information, at the right time, in the right format, for the right people.

At Softura, we leverage our BI expertise, experience and project management capabilities to deliver holistic BI solutions. We help you foster a data-driven culture across your organization and empower your people to explore new insights and make informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence & Strategy
Driving Smart Business Decisions

Business Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing fields in strategic data management today. Hence, there is a rapid development of multiple BI tools to meet enterprises’ growing data analysis requirements.

In order to be sustainable, organizations need to have access to valuable information about their operational performance. Business intelligence and Analytics solutions by Softura leverage collaborative & iterative methodologies to provide BI consulting, implementation, and support services.

In addition to identifying, extracting, managing, and analyzing data, we help organizations make business-critical decisions.

Our offerings include
  • Operational business intelligence
  • Embedded analytics
  • OLAP
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) analysis
  • Portal integrations
  • Process management solutions
  • Maintenance and support
  • Benchmark reporting
  • Custom reports
  • Dashboard and scorecards
  • Designing, modification, and customization of reports
  • e-Statements

Power BI Services
The Power of Data-Driven Intelligence

Eliminate Guesswork
Eliminate the chances of making wrong decisions based on gut feelings. With BI, your decisions will be data and insight-driven, and analyzed in real-time so you can make immediate decisions.
Track KPIs
Get real-time alerts and notifications every time the data changes for a specific key performance indicator(KPI) so that you can drill down to see why it happened and how you can fix it.
Identify Opportunities
Take advantage of potential opportunities you may have overlooked in the past with the ability to analyze all your data in detail. Create new offers in tune with market conditions and know what appeals to your customers.
Get Answers

Gain insight into issues you haven’t considered yet! Automated insights are free from  natural observational biases and can give us answers to questions we haven’t even asked.

Multi-user Access
Access data, key metrics, reports, and create dashboards without depending on IT. When you use a BI tool, you allow all users to benefit from BI and also ensure consistency in information shared.
Inventory Management
Manage the amount of inventory you order and the logistics needed for it with the help of BI. It can also detect any anomalies in your inventory data.
360° View

Get insight into customer behavior and provide them with customized offers. Know what customers buy, at what time, and when to convert this information into profit.

Productivity Improvement
Gain insights within seconds with the help of a BI solution that not only saves time, but ensures that you and your team get answers faster.
Effective Resource Allocation
BI allows you to analyze exactly how each business unit is doing and gives you insights into how to improve them, so you know which areas of the business need more resources.
Predictive Data Analytics
Accurately predict what will happen—before it happens. For instance, know which machines or equipment are most likely to need repairs and intervene before they break down.
Efficient Team Utilization
By collaborating with other teams when you spot data changes, you can make better decisions. Determine the relevant people for a specific issue and create an ad-hoc team to solve it.
Intelligent Data Organization
BI facilitates the integration of internal data with external data sources such as social data or customer information. Departments across your organization can now access the same data, resulting in more accurate analysis.

Enterprise Business Intelligence Services
Delivering Insightful Analytics

Open and Flexible

Based on 100% Apache Hadoop, HDInsight helps run your Big Data solutions in Windows Azure. Also, these applications can be deployed in Windows Server or Linux using Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP).

Programmability and Power

With HDI, your developers can utilize a wide variety of programming languages, including Java,.NET, and others. .LINQ to Hive allows NET developers to leverage the power of language-integrated queries.

Analyze and Empower

Empower users with actionable insights by analyzing unstructured data from HDInsight in Excel. Use Excel’s advanced technology such as Power Query, PowerPivot, and Power View to perform dynamic analysis combining several data sources.

Big Compute and Extend

Run large parallel and batch compute jobs in the cloud or extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud. Gain superior performance on your compute-intensive simulations, and analysis by using cloud resources.

Burst and Scale On-Demand

Applications that work with on-premises clusters or grids scale and perform well in Windows Azure. Deploy Virtual Machines and Cloud Services when your business or users require them the most.

Deploy and Extend

Softura provides you the Microsoft HPC pack to help manage hybrid compute clusters. This helps you deploy an on-premise cluster in Windows server and extend it with Azure for any additional capacity.

Softura Calibre
Inspiring Intelligent analytics

Business Intelligence Services
Certified Professionals
A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Power BI services, we enable well-informed business decisions with accurate business analysis and data visualizations.
Business Intelligence Services
Proven Expertise
Exemplary expertise in developing agile, interactive, and customized dashboards that can be easily delivered across any type of device.
Business Intelligence Services
Integration Expertise
Experts at embedding analytic dashboards into web portals, documents and web applications that facilitate easy sharing of information.
Business Intelligence Services
Strict Protocols
Rules-driven protocols that help enterprises to control the visibility and access only to those who are allowed to view and take action.
Experience The 
Impact Of Data Intelligence

Turn data into insights. Scale-up high, improve your operations, and drive sales to achieve success.

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