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AI Automation Workshop

We will document and prioritize your use cases for AI automation and provide you a personalized “AI Automation Roadmap” to help you get started on your journey to building a digital workforce.

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Accelerating your company’s digital transformation by solving complex business problems without human intervention.

Application Development

A uniquely custom software development solution that maximizes the value you receive from your IT investments and fuels your innovation.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Intelligent solutions to reimagine your business strategy that will scale your data and keep it secured.

Clinical Research Management Application

Accelerate your clinical research management with a fully-integrated solution designed to increase efficiency, view real-time data and track key milestones.

Cloud Enablement

Unique and innovative ways to modernize and optimize your business while decreasing costs.

Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing

A new surge of technology—knowledge and resources that empower the manufacturing sector, take production to the next level and revolutionize the way information is managed and shared.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the physical and digital world in real-time to create actionable intelligence every step of the way.

Mobile Development

A turn-key end-to-end mobile solution for enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and security while reducing costs.

Portals and Collaboration

Communication solutions that use industry-leading collaboration software—such as intranets, complex workflows and portals with a custom environment—to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Technology Consulting

Sustainable business solutions—delivered with strategic development, implementation and management, straight to the intersection where digital meets physical.

Team As A Service

Our TAAS Model allows you greater agility and personnel flexibility to achieve your desired business outcomes faster.

Business-Critical Documents Key Challenges​

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Storing business-critical documents in fileservers or distributed across different applications and storage exposes your organization to the following risks


Unregulated access to sensitive documents leads to breach of confidentiality.


Inability to implement rules-based user access management to ensure information security


​​Unauthorized changes to documents that could affect reliability - absence of due process like check in, check out and audit trail (with user details, date and time stamps)


​​Complaints from authorized users that they are not able to search and find whole documents or components within a structured document.


Longer time taken to retrieve pertinent documents leading to delayed responses to stakeholders.


​​Lack of technology that allows authorized users to scan codes and access relevant documents on their mobile device from anywhere including shop floor and warehouses.

Introducing Enterprise Document HUB​

Enterprise Document Hub is an AI-powered Document Management System on the cloud that provides a secure, convenient and easily accessible repository for your business documents.


Single Source of Truth

Built on the foundation of Office 365 and SharePoint, Enterprise Document Hub provides a central portal for all business documents with a personalized user interface and a dashboard for data visualization.​


Accessible Anywhere

Your business documents can be accessed on any device through a web browser after logging in securely


Secure by Design

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, Enterprise Document Hub is integrated with Azure Active Directory for user identity and access management. Access to documents and categories are based on user roles and assigned permissions.


AI Search Engine

​ The built-in search engine uses customized Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models and automatic indexing to dramatically reduce the time taken for retrieving a document.

Users can add context to any document that will facilitate easy retrieval even if a user does not know the full or part of the file name. Faceted search is another UI functionality that complements text-based search within Enterprise Document Hub.

Solution Snapshot

Intuitive Custom Interface

Customized User Interface

Uses Office 365 SharePoint Online ​API & Smart Search

Integrated with Active Directory

Supports Multi-Lingual documents

Handled Several Tbs Of Data And​ Several Hundred Thousand Documents

Auto Classification

Automatic Classification Of Documents Through Natural Language Processing.

Access Control at a granular level ​and group level – integrated with ​Active Directory

Advanced Elastic Search Capability​ based on Metadata

Document Rating


Ability to Follow/Subscribe Changes to the Document

Ability to Share/Download

Ability to Check-out and Check-in Office mode

Ability to View usage and statistics in a dashboard

Dashboard Reporting on Document Access to optimize content

AI Powered Search across any data source or file type on a single platform

Collaborate on tasks, check-in/out, advanced workflows

Dashboard Reporting on Document Access to optimize content


AI Powered Search across any data source or file type on a single platform


Collaborate on tasks, check-in/out, advanced workflows


Softura Accelerator

Intuitive Custom Interface

SharePoint Online API Connector

Active Directory Integration

Role/Claim – Administration

Hierarchy Organization Structure

Aspect Oriented Search

Search Results Listing

Ability to view the documents inside the browser (PDF, Word, HTML, Excel)

​Document Collaboration –What’s New, Subscribe, Download, Share etc.

Configuration & Customization

Look and Feel - Stylesheet, Colors, Theme

Taxonomy for target use case; Map Document Type & Meta Data Advanced Elastic Search Capability based on Metadata​

Document Upload – Customization

Customize Organization Structure & Map Claims

Setting up and Integration with Workflow systems

Scope of Work

The scope for this engagement is to setup the Enterprise Document Hub for Clients with the following set of activities involved:



Work with the key stakeholders to identify the set of documents from Purchasing, Finance, IT and any other group as suggested.


Search Engine

Apply the meta-data to the documents identified and setup Enterprise Document Hub that will allow Search and Filter capability based on the entire meta-data. Scope


Context for Cognitive Search

Prepare the inventory of the documents and work with the stakeholders to add/cleanup meta-data for improving the search relevancy. Wherever required, automation will be employed with cognitive search within the content to add the meta-data.


Identity and Access Management

The solution will have Active Directory integration and the Administration interface will be available to create Roles and Permissions for document access by Document Type.


Subscribe for Real-Time Notifications

Setup the capability to download the document and subscribe to any changes to a document and view the changed documents (What’s New)


Permissions-Based Upload

Setup the Document Upload interface with the right permission and Meta-Data.


Themes & UI Customizations

Customize the look and feel of the Enterprise Document Hub Search and Search Results page to match the clients’ theme.


Pre & Post-Production Support

Support 2 weeks of User Acceptance Testing and Bug Fixes.

Timeline-6 Stages



Single Pane of Glass for Managing Business Documents of Automotive OEM


Documents stored in legacy application and at different fileservers of company and distributors.

Manual classification of documents which is limited and error-prone.

Poor indexing that did not capture all meta data associated with a document.

Lack of a universal search that in turn increased the time taken to find and retrieve a document –search in multiple places.

No access control –lack of permission management for users to access documents.

Impossible to enforce confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Enterprise Document Hub Is A Single Source Of Truth – A Central Repository Accessible From Any Device Through A Web Browser.

Store User Manuals, Sales Policies, Pricing Manuals, Training Documents, Parts Books And Operation Manuals – Enable Employees, Dealers And Customers To Look-Up And Access Documents For Which They Have The Requisite Permission. ​

Secure Storage Of All Business-Critical Documents. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration For Identity And Access Management.

Get Manufacturing, Engineering, Machine And Service-Related Data, All In Single System.

Ability To Scan Code On Machine On The Shop Floor To Extract Relevant Info From Within The User Manual.


Customized user interface and dashboard for data visualization

Audit trail, check-in and check-out facilities.​

Role-based access to documents – users will be able to view documents based on permissions assigned to them.

Advanced indexing and automatic classification of documents based on context and metadata.

AI-powered search engine that leverages Machine Learning to fetch the right document

Subscribe to document type and categories and get notified of any changes or addition.

“Life of a Part” Solution Custom Interface with Sharepoint as a data Source


Difficulty in tracking files related to PARTS

Related files reside in multiple data stores such as Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).

Absence of common search functionality to trace documents based on part number.


“LIFE OF A PART” solution to provide visibility to all the files related to a specific part and associated unique part number.

Custom UI for program management. ​

APIs to connect PLM and ERP Systems and fetch files such as Engineering Drawings from PLM, Manufacturing Data from ERP. The files reside in PLM and ERP but search and retrieval through our solution that uses SharePoint as the data source.


Ability to conduct market forecast studies based on actual line data.

Single source of truth for all information related to a Store Keeping Unit (SKU) or a Part Number. ​​

Quote Management from within “Life of a Part” solution.

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