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Adaptive Automation

Making Life Easy for Employees and Customers
  • Works Within Microsoft Teams
  • Leverages Azure Components
  • Connects to Active Directory
  • Uses Adaptive Cards
  • Provides Proactive Alerts
  • Has Built-In Approval Workflows
Adaptive Automation

Making Automation Accessible

Mobile-Ready Adaptive Automation Using Microsoft Teams and Azure Components: Power Automate,
Azure Bot Services, Cognitive Services, and Power BI
Resolve service requests within 22 seconds on average
Adaptive Automation

Leverage the Power of Adaptive Cards within Microsoft Teams

With Adaptive Cards, you can build mini apps embedded into the host, reconfigure existing apps or configure automation workflows. You can kick-off workflows and present it in adaptive cards format. Get up to 55% reduction in maintenance cost.

Adaptive Automation

Use Cases for Adaptive Automation

Instant Help at Work
Live Chat and Automated Scheduling
Fully Automated Ordering
Advanced Shipping Notifications
Automated Customer Onboarding
Automated PO Processing
Use Cases for Adaptive Automation
Use Cases For Adaptive Automation
Use Cases For Adaptive Automation
Use cases for Adaptive Automation
Use Cases For Adaptive Automation

Adaptive Automation Workshop

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Proven Framework; Measurable Outcomes

Designed with conversational alerts, Softura’s Digital Worker can help you:

Reclaim Unused S/W licenses
Proactive alerts to prompt the employee to recover unused software licenses

Accelerate Approval Process
Automated workflows that seamlessly route approval requests on the same platform

Notify Credential Expiry
Prompt password reminders that reduce the incoming tickets by at least a thousand

Reduction in resolution times from 3 days to 3m.
Accuracy in issue resolution
Reduction in ticket backlogs
Reduction in support costs
Increase in employee productivity
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Unlocking Possibilities With A Data-Driven Approach

Our data-driven strategy harnesses Microsoft “Power BI”, allowing us to identify the most suitable candidates for automation.
Mobile Ready Adaptive Automation
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