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We offer you SharePoint consulting services that set out a SharePoint roadmap for your business. Start succeeding with Softura!

SharePoint Consulting Services

Simplifying Team Collaborations
SharePoint Consulting Services

Your most trusted Microsoft SharePoint consultant is right here! We plan, design, and deploy customized web parts and integration points for your business needs. We are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with certified SharePoint consultants ready to help you improve the feel, functionality, flow, and look of your SharePoint instance to automate your business.

Our SharePoint developers and architects will support you in optimizing your employees’ daily activities, your business’s process automation capabilities, and workspace management. Whether you need an online communication site, a team site, or an extranet/intranet, we get it done for you.

Over the past 25+years, Softura has been helping businesses like you to develop and deploy SharePoint solutions using collaborations, vendor/customer portals, departmental solutions, complex workflows, and intranets.

SharePoint Consulting
SharePoint Customization
SharePoint Migration
SharePoint Assessments
SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Consulting Services
Providing End-to-End SharePoint Services

SharePoint Assessment

SharePoint provides the ultimate technology platform that can be leveraged to solve a multitude of business challenges you face. Loaded with amazing features, SharePoint solutions can further be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

With our SharePoint assessment and planning services, we assess your business needs in detail, interpret your pain points, and understand your long term goals. Then, we start devising strategies that can help you to derive value from the technology you use.

Throughout the entire process, our team documents every aspect, identifies the gaps, resolves them, and ensures that you achieve increased efficiency and productivity.

Our SharePoint Assessment Approach

The SharePoint assessment will take around five to ten business days, depending on your project’s scope and size.
SharePoint Consulting Services
Extensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, system resources, security, and network topology is done.
SharePoint Consulting Services
A detailed assessment of all your licensing requirements is carried out, and the required steps are taken.
SharePoint Consulting Services
Ascertaining if the out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality would address all of your business issues is important.
SharePoint Consulting Services
Detailed planning is needed to prioritize the features that significantly impact your operations and decision-making.
Design and Development
Workflow Automation
SharePoint Deployment

Softura’s SharePoint design and development experts offer you feature-rich, impressive, and user-friendly SharePoint applications. Leveraging SharePoint’s flexibility, our solutions facilitate effective collaboration among your employees and help them achieve their goals faster.

In addition to maintaining your brand identity, we help you customize it with creative designs that can quickly transform the out-of-the-box SharePoint template into an innovative and exciting user experience.

Our expert graphic design team helps you create a consistent user experience in your collaboration portals, extranet, and SharePoint intranet. Thus, we ensure that your brand stands out from the rest.

Our custom branding solutions include:
Navigation design and custom search results pages.
A template design and theme that is tailored to fit your corporate branding objectives.
Responsive, mobile-friendly design.
Intuitive UI/UX design.
Build style sheet to give a consistent look and feel throughout SharePoint
Drafting customized policies for departmental segregation
Workflow, app parts, and web parts development

Automate your workflows to save time and effort! Start eliminating human errors and enforcing compliance in your workforce! With workflow automation, we bring consistency and efficiency to your daily tasks.

Your daily activities will flow smoothly with minimal guesswork and random actions, just like an automated flow chart. With automated workflows, you can further eliminate the need to monitor a process as the process gets streamlined now, and is proactively monitored on its own.

We help you automate processes with SharePoint in the face of all the challenges you're likely to face. From a relatively simpler workflow to complex integration of external systems, our consultants will be at your disposal to help you through and automate your workflow efficiently.

Workflow automation can be effective to:
Automate the payrolls for your employees
Collect all the form submissions and signatures easily.
Get approvals and feedback automatically.
Allocate works efficiently without any hassles.
Track the work status of all employees easily.

Softura `is fully equipped to handle your SharePoint deployments seamlessly from start to finish. We help free up your key IT resources so that they can work on more critical tasks. We come up with the perfect roadmap to help you achieve both your long-term and short-term goals.

One of our primary objectives will be to ensure the operational stability of the SharePoint solution on a long-term basis. To make our solutions sustainable, we adopt very high standards that guarantee quality, usability, performance, and security.

We also take steps to make the SharePoint deployment scalable, secure, and redundant. You focus on your business while we focus on the technology that powers your business.

Our SharePoint deployment services also include:
Creating a list of privileges and user access needs
Upgrading or deploying your SharePoint installation with ease
Styling and customizing your SharePoint deployment to suit your needs
Helping in making your SharePoint feel familiar and easy to work with.
Developing new training plans for your users
Keeping your branding consistent
SharePoint Migration

Softura makes SharePoint online migration a breeze! We can readily help you to migrate third-party solutions to SharePoint or even upgrade your SharePoint solutions to better and newer versions.

SharePoint migration can offer several benefits, such as enhancing features, reducing costs, and increasing productivity levels. We ensure zero data loss and a seamless migration with no downtime. Our certified SharePoint experts ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Give your solutions a new lease of life with Softura’s SharePoint upgrade services!

Our services include
  • Consulting Services
  • Quick-Start Services
  • Custom Development Solutions And Services
  • SharePoint Installation
  • Post-Implementation Maintenance
  • Support
  • Training.

SharePoint Platforms That We Help Migrate

We have not only completed many SharePoint projects successfully, but have also implemented within our own organization for better collaboration and security. Leveraging SharePoint capabilities, we have successfully implemented shared work environments reducing the costs associated with siloed site administration. We have also invested in the center of excellence. We offer services for the below platforms:

SharePoint Consulting Services
SharePoint Consulting Services
Office 365 Consulting Services
SharePoint Consulting Services
SharePoint online Consulting Services
SharePoint Consulting Services
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