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Custom Applications Using SharePoint Online & Microsoft Power Platform


During COVID crisis, this Glass Industry Leader in the US partnered with Softura to modernize sites, build applications using Microsoft Power Platform and move sites to SharePoint Online.


  • Large Corporate House: The customer was acquired (M&A) by a large corporate house.
  • SharePoint Cloud: The parent company mandated the migration to the cloud version of SharePoint to ensure greater user adoption and availability of apps and sites online.
  • VPN: With the legacy version of SharePoint, users had to connect to VPN to access most sites which was time-consuming and prone to disruptions.
  • Modernize: Although the migration began as an in-house activity, they did not have the resources to modernize sites, apps, and workflows
  • Design: Inconsistent design of various sites and a lot of unused sites were posing a significant challenge to the organization.


  • Sharepoint Online: Seamless Migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online with Zero Data Loss.
  • Power Platform: Leverage Power Platform to create several new applications and processes.
  • 200+ Intranet Sites: 200+ Intranet Sites to be moved to the cloud version of SharePoint.
  • Process: Analyze, Plan, Design and Deliver Apps for SharePoint Online.
  • Apps Developed: Employee Schedule Management, GlassBox™ Experience. Reservation, Asset Tracking and Asset Management.
  • Complex Workflows: Design and develop complex workflows to reserve the GlassBox™ Experience System.
  • Time Management: Developed new workflow processes to save time and effort.


  • Redesigned User Interface.
  • Intuitive & consistent navigation experience between apps
  • Leveraged Power Platform to build new (custom) applications and processes
  • Employee Schedule Management for Engineering Excellence division of the company – PowerBI report to track availability of users at locations.
  • Asset Tracking App – To support Business Continuity Plan (BCP) implemented by the company in the wake of March 2020 disruptions caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic which resulted in remote working. Built the asset management app in record time to ensure seamless remote working.
  • Increased User Adoption .
  • GlassBox Experience Reservation.
  • Retire incompatible and unused sites and workflows and replaced with modern apps.
  • We helped the company migrate on-time and reduce the amount spent in renewing licenses (ahead of license expiry).
  • Eliminate the need to connect to VPN for accessing sites and apps. All sites and apps were made available online.
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