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Custom Software Application Development
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Outsource your IT functions (Onshore / Offshore) to lower development cost, expand skill sets, reduce time to production and only use the team as needed. Our custom software application development services offer the resources and proven process customers look for to deliver positive results for their business needs.
Custom Software Application Devlopment

Custom Software Development Solutions
Empowering Businesses With Tailored Solutions

Custom Application Development
Application Migration
Mobile Development
Low Code Development

With our rapid software application development services, your enterprise software can simply possess any feature that your business desires. We provide a diverse set of delivery models to integrate APIs, architectures, cloud services, and mobility solutions.

We steer clear of the time-consuming traditional approaches and adopt a faster and more effective modernistic approach with cutting-edge technologies.

We can develop, design, integrate, and deploy any custom-made mobile or web applications across different operating platforms for you!

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We architect flexible and scalable applications integrating all your business logic, and providing you with a next-gen, automated solution for your enterprise.
With strong expertise in different technologies, we create applications that are fully functional and require minimum maintenance and support.
We develop highly innovative applications that help meet your business needs, reduce ownership costs and offer better ROI.
Our technical expertise and robust processes enable us to deliver assured quantifiable results empowering you with future-proofed applications.

As the business needs and environments keep changing, so does the need for all your information systems to adapt to the change. This is precisely why you need to migrate your applications to newer technologies to give your business the competitive edge it needs. Further, it helps to preserve your business objectives, investments, and models too.

Softura’s application migration services cover it all, right from planning to implementation to testing it and offering support.

We conduct an in-depth strategic analysis to provide you with a detailed roadmap for migration and ensure that there are no data loss and downtimes. Wondering why you should go for an application migration?

With application migration, your application can now perform faster thereby improving the productivity and performance levels of your employees
The migrated applications will nullify the IT complexities as these applications will now be more user-friendly and offer you with an intuitive interface.
Migrating applications to newer, better technology environments ensures that you save significantly on the maintenance costs of your obsolete applications.
With the upgradation of applications, the chances of downtime will be lesser and hence the systems will be more stable and reliable.

Softura is renowned as a leading cross-platform application development company. We use our solid experience in the development of innovative mobile applications to give you a seamless and practical experience on any device or operating platform.

Our experience spans a wide range of industries all over the globe. Our mobile development process is tailored to suit your unique business needs, expectations, and targets.
Our Windows Azure mobile services offer a high-availability SLA for your apps and enable you to access a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, allowing you to reach users anywhere in the world.

Harness the power of cloud using the Windows Azure mobile services for your enterprise mobility solutions, and meet your business goals and needs in a flash!


We help you reach users on any platform with our native SDKs for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Store.

Azure Notification Hub, the powerful push notification engine, enables your app to instantly broadcast notifications to a million devices.
Azure mobile services enable social sign-on. You can now easily authenticate app users through their Google or Facebook accounts.
Azure mobile services help you connect to on-premise and cloud databases, Windows Intune, and Active Directory systems.
Azure lets you scale your apps on demand, so your traffic will grow exponentially without any special additional infrastructure.
Low-code and Faster Turnaround

When Softura develops solutions based on Microsoft’s Power Platform, rest assured you maximize the return on your Microsoft Azure and Office365 investment.

For an agile organization such as yours, Power platform offers a robust solution stack to rapidly build low-code apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.

Power Apps, for instance, is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that allows us to where we can build small canvas-based apps or complex model-driven apps connecting data and functionality of multiple databases and solutions.

The platform’s efficiency and our experience combine to establish a healthy tool eco-system that every company needs.

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Power Apps
Build low code / no code mobile and desktop apps with Power Apps. Automate Line of Business (LOB) processes with minimum cost. Leverage the connection between Power Apps and Power BI to harness the true potential of data and form insights that might otherwise not be possible to derive.
Power Virtual Agents
We help you implement powerful bots with no-code, guided processes. We can connect your virtual agent with external and internal apps using custom and out of the box connectors. We can also create Smart bots using the built-in AI capabilities of Power Apps to bring the intelligence you always looked for in the virtual bots.
Power Apps Portals
Stay in touch with your customers and partners through Power Apps Portals. We can ensure the User Interface of all your portals and websites are consistent with your branding guidelines by harnessing portal templates and responsive themes. Using Dataverse, we help you connect your portals with virtually all the data your organization has access to. We also make the user access seamless by allowing login through commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and many others.
Power Automate
We help you boost your organization’s productivity by going paperless with confidence! We can automate repetitive tasks and manual processes that take time and reduce efficiency. We develop secure workflows within the low-code/no-code environment so that you can focus on what’s important. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), experience the magic of auto process executions.

Enterprise Application Development Services
IT Complexities Simplified

Custom solutions don’t need to be complicated. Our tailor-made applications are powered by leading-edge technologies coupled with superior process agility. You reap the benefits of next-generation applications tailored to your specific needs without the hassle.

Custom Software Application Development

Get tailor-made solutions for your complex business needs. With bespoke custom software solutions, you can maintain consistency and style that reflects your brand personality.

Custom applications come with built-in features considering the vulnerabilities that the system could be exposed to. With custom-built software, you can rest assured that your application is no more prone to security threats.

As your enterprise grows in size, so will the complexity of your business processes. A custom application enables you to scale up to the growing needs of your business objectives.

The prime focus of enterprise application development will be to make your processes swift and agile. This helps you achieve more productivity levels and better ROI for your organization.

Get Next-Generation
Custom Applications

Simplify, Standardize, and Speed up your digital journey with bespoke enterprise application development solutions from Softura!

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The Softura Experience
A Synergy of Ideas & Technology


Our experience, industry expertise, processes, and knowledge guarantee you that we will always be there through all the stages of your application’s lifecycle. We assure you maximum value out of our services.


When you engage with us, you can be assured of a complete range of application management support. It includes project management, requirements, business case analysis, program office management, development, design, and quality assurance


Our solutions are crafted after we understand every unique need of yours. Then, we apply the latest methodologies, the best practices, and the expert resources to develop a superior, cost-effective application.


We not only provide you with the best-in-class applications to automate your business processes, we also empower you with the best-in-class architecture developments, frameworks, content services, and alternative delivery channels.

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