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Why do you need IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Resourcing Challenges

Finding the right resource for your software development team, either as a replacement or as a new hire, is challenging. Recruiting and onboarding candidates take time which can be mitigated by choosing Staff Augmentation Services.

Specialist Skillsets

Companies build software engineering teams considering requirements for long-term projects. They also hire mainstream skills. However, as technologies mature, companies require niche skillsets, especially for shorter-duration projects. Augmentation will plug the gap in terms of finding skillsets you need for projects requiring niche-special skills/new-age technology skills.

Limited Period Engagement

Choose staff augmentation services to induct trained resources whom you can evaluate over the duration of a project and decide whether to extend engagement or terminate it in case you decide to hire on a permanent basis.

Benefits of working with Softura for IT Staff Augmentation

Availability of Trained and Experienced Resources

Softura has trained and developed engineers who specialize in different technologies and programming languages. Gain instant access to the special skillsets such as:
Machine Learning (ML) Engineers – Python, Spark, and SQL. Experience in Natural Language Processing
Cloud App Developers and Architects
UI/UX Engineers – Experience and Interaction Designing Skills
Data Visualization – Power BI, Google Sheets, Tableau, Highcharts, Carto, Leaflet, GitHub
Big Data Analytics – Python, R, Apache Hadoop, LINQ, Hive, Advanced Excel – Power Query, Power Pivot
Mobile App Development – Swift for iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Qt, Unity 3D, Sencha
Programming Languages – C#, C++, Cobra, VB.NET, JavaScript, JSON, REST, XML, PHP, SOAP, Scala, Ruby, Typescript, SQL

Rapid Onboarding

Our IT Staff Augmentation model gives you instantaneous access to our comprehensive resource database that is continuously updated by our sourcing teams. You can screen, interview and shortlist candidates without delay.

Seamless Integration with Project Teams

Your Extended Team works as a part of your local team, attending your regular meetings, and reporting directly to your managers. The resources you select will adhere to your established internal processes and procedures. We ensure that the organizational assimilation is seamless, both in terms of process compliance and adapting to your culture.

Immediate Productivity

Our resources are trained in best-of-breed tools used in software project management and in software development methodologies such as Agile, Scaled Agile, and DevOps. This assures productivity from day one as they attend your scrum/sprint meetings, gain access to the tools used by your project teams and start collaborating with your internal project resources.

Softura’s Commitment to Customer Success

When you choose our IT Staff Augmentation Services, you can rest assured of the following:
Transparent Cost Structure – Your Extended Team should cost you less than what you would incur by recruiting, training, and managing resources yourself.
Access to the best resources - That are aligned with your vision and work towards improving your Time to Market.
Right resources for all types of projects – from assessment, prototyping to full-scale software development.
Adherence to confidentiality, intellectual property, non-competing, and non-disclosure requirements.
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IT Staff Augmentation helps businesses to keep up with dynamic market conditions and fill in talent gaps at a short notice. Companies can try out new skills before hiring for a permanent position.

For short term IT projects, recruiting resources from the market and inducting them into your organization is a time-consuming process. Companies leverage IT Staff Augmentation when they have an urgent need for specialist skillsets that are not available in-house.

We provide profiles of suitable candidates based on role and job description. Once you approve, the candidate will be ready to work with your project team from day one as a dedicated resource from our state-of-the-art-development center. You can manage the resource directly. We take care of developer retention, administrative support as well as infrastructure. We will also sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements to ensure protection of your intellectual property.

  • Remote staff augmentation
  • Onsite and offsite staff augmentation
  • On-demand programmers and testers
  • Application maintenance and support staff
  • Extensive list of profiles across technologies, and programming languages
  • Experienced resources with hands-on project experience to be productive from first day of engagement
  • “Pay-per-use” model for cost saving

Maintain oversight and control, scale quickly and flexibly.

Trust Our Expertise

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