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Cloud Application Modernization Services

Softura's Cloud Application Modernization Services has helped Fortune 500 companies across industries to achieve resiliency and scalability by transforming legacy applications to modern cloud-based architecture.

Developing Cloud Native Applications

Applications that are architected for the cloud are best placed to leverage the unique features of the cloud such as: resilience, agility, interoperability, portability, and scalability.
Cloud native applications are developed based on Microservices Architecture where the application is decomposed into loosely coupled services.

Building Microservices

Concurrent development of reusable and independent components known as services that can be integrated to form a native cloud application

Best of Breed Development

Small teams independently develop each service using a programming language whose choice is dictated by the functionalities

Continuous Delivery

Iterative development using an agile development framework for incremental delivery of features and functionalities

Continuous Testing

Automated smoke test and regression tests, Performance and security testing
o Faster defect closure through integrated defect management in DevOps
o Early application feedback from QA and Customer
o Predefined Test Metrics are applied to improve Test

The Softura DevOps Methodology

Softura Builds Better Apps, Faster with DevOps

While offering Cloud Application Modernization Services, Softura transforms the build process from project-based to continuous delivery. By uniting development and operations teams, we release software faster. We can demonstrate accurately how we build applications using Azure DevOps, Azure Boards, GitHub, CI/CD, and agile processes.
Softura builds Better Apps, Faster with DevOps
Softura transforms the build process from project-basedto continuos delivery. By uniting developement and operating teams, we release software faster. We can demonstrate accurately how we build applications using Azure DevOps, Azure Boards, GitHub, CI/CD, and agile processes.

Softura’s Agile DevOps Process is Proven to Deliver Predictable, Consistent, Quality Code

Softura’s Extensive Toolset Enabling Faster Lower Cost Innovation on DevOps

Softura Solution Framework

The first step in our engagement with the client is to study their existing applications and choose candidates for modernization. Depending on business requirements, our cloud specialists will choose the right cloud application modernization strategy: rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild or replace.
Meeting 1
Cloud Application Modernization Solutions

Discovery Session

• Review Business Drivers & Pain Points
• Current State Application Landscape
• Potential Targets for Cloud Migration        
  or Application Modernization and Development
Meeting 2
Cloud Application Modernization Solutions

Art of the Possible Presentation

• Value of Modern Architecture and What's 
  Possible with Emerging Technologies
• Softura's Approach
• Demo of To-Be-State
• High Level Roadmap, Recommendations 
  and Cost Estimate

Insightful Inspirations

We believe in sharing our knowledge & experience to inspire you, educate you, and guide you towards the digital transformation you have been looking for.


Here are the top reasons for you to consider Cloud Application Modernization Services:

  • Transform monolithic applications into cloud-ready or cloud-native applications
  • Reduce dependency on physical resources such as servers and storage
  • Avoid stateful programming
  • Eliminate high cost of licensing
  • Enhance end-user experience
  • Secure anywhere anytime access

Cloud Application Modernization Services is a process-oriented approach. The key steps can be outlined as follows:

  • Understand, Identify & Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Go-Live
  • Maintain

Regulated industries with strict compliance and security requirements such as Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, BFSI, Manufacturing, and Chemicals benefit the most from cloud application modernization Services. However, companies across industries need to modernize their legacy systems to stay competitive and agile.

  • Microservices Architecture
  • Containerization
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Automation

Gartner’s 5R model has gained traction in the last few years: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, or Replace. The other paradigms are replatforming and rearchitecting that are linked to cloud application modernization strategies

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