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Custom Web Application Development Services

Softura, a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 27001 Certified company offers end-to-end software development and IT consulting services. We have delivered custom web application development services to Fortune 500 companies and top startups across the globe.

Web Application Development

Web applications are hosted remotely and rendered through a browser on any device with an internet connection. The top five benefits of web applications are:
Seamless user experience similar to native applications
Functionalities delivered through web browser
Platform-agnostic and runs on any device
Enhanced security with user authentication
Scalable on-demand
Customers leverage Softura’s Rapid Application Development framework based on Agile DevOps methodology for developing custom web applications development. By following continuous integration, continuous testing, and delivery, we ensure features of the web applications are tested and delivered incrementally after obtaining feedback from actual users.

Softura’s Digital Transformation DNA

At Softura, we see technology as a key enabler for Digital Transformation. We have 5 key practice areas that help companies become tech intensive:
Building modern architecture to enable Intelligent Cloud on Distributed Systems
Building custom applications and modernizing legacy systems using Azure DevOps
Building portals on SharePoint and O365 with AI powered search, widgets, and custom interfaces
Building a data pipeline and platform for IOT Connected Services, Analytics and BI
Building process automation with Conversational AI, NLP, and Bots

Softura’s Digital Transformation DNA

Softura’s Unique Approach to Web Application Development Projects

Onshore-Offshore Project Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts ensure that customer requirements are accurately converted into product backlogs and user stories.
Two-Week Sprint Model monitored by certified Scrum Master and team.
Coding, unit testing and code review are integral to each sprint. Code quality is enhanced by using advanced tools for code quality review.
Quality Assurance team capable of executing manual as well as automated testing.
Sprint retrospective for each sprint to capture lessons learnt and action for improvement.
User Acceptance Testing and incorporation of User Feedback.
Release to production based on pre-approved release plans.
Unmatched Transparency with customers through Sprint Reviews, Weekly Status Reports and Sprint Output Reports.

Our Success Stories

120+ Factories for a leading Auto Manufacturer realizing the value of data from Digital Twins
60K+ Employees better engaged and communicating on an Intranet Portal
20K+ Customers and Dealers Connected on an Extranet Portal
250K+ Documents Managed via AI-Powered Search, extending SharePoint
300K+ Machines Tracking Telemetry Data to Transform Customer Service
15M+ Geofences Tracked in Real-Time
100M+ IOT Data Interactions Annually
100+ Virtual Machines and 4 Platforms Migrated to Cloud in Weeks

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Simplify, Standardize, and Speed up your digital journey with bespoke enterprise application development solutions from Softura!

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The cost of custom web application development Services depends on many factors such as development platform, app categories, app complexities, resource location.

Every project is unique and has different requirements. The custom web application development time depends on many factors such as project complexity, features, and functions, technologies and frameworks, development team skill, and experience. 

Our custom web application development services are enterprise web apps, web portals, customer-facing apps, supply chain management web apps, online services, eCommerce, web apps for healthcare, and analytics web apps.

If you are not aware of a technical background, selecting the right technology for custom web application development services is impossible since you don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of each programming language and its use cases. If you outsource your project to our custom web application development services we will coordinate, guide, and select the right technology for you.

Our custom web application development services scopes are project planning, UX and UI design, Web app development, Quality assurance, Integration, 24/7 support, Optimization, and evolution. 

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