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IT Services Outsourcing
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Wonder why you should go for a dedicated offshore development center? Here are the reasons why you need an IT software outsourcing expert:

Transform all fixed costs into variables
Bring down the dependence on non-core and commoditized components
Easily get access to all the industry best practices
Steer your focus to the core business areas and reduce unnecessary expenditures.
At Softura, our process blends into your business strategies and your user’s evolving needs. We ensure that you gain success by providing you with talented resources in the form of engineers, software developers, and project managers. Also, the perk here is that all our offerings are customized to meet your budget and priorities. Your growth and success are what matters the most for us! We work on your technology projects and come up with solutions that help you attain perfection.

Software Outsourcing Process Models
Methodologies That Promote Perfection

What keeps us going is the urge to plan smartly so as to ensure that your development takes place at a faster pace than ever before. And, we make it possible by using an expert team who thinks with precision and acts accordingly.

We follow time-tested processes that will assure you maximum efficiency and the highest quality of services at every phase. Choose the process that works the best for you:

CI/CD Process
Agile Process
Scrum Process

The CI/CD process is definitely one of the best choices for a DevOps team. It is an agile methodology practice that enables the development of software. Since the deployment activities are completely automated, it helps the development teams to focus entirely on maintaining the business needs, code quality, and other security standards.

CI/CD process is the right one for you if you have a business that keeps on upgrading applications and is on the lookout for a delivery process that is faster, easier, and reliable.

Deliver more value to your customers by opting for an Agile process! It is an interactive process that takes care of both your software development and project management. With Agile, you can respond quickly to the market changes or to the feedback given by your customers without letting it affect your business plans.

Make those small yet continuous improvements, integrate it into your system, and build future plans all at minimal costs!

If successful team collaborations are what matters the most for you, then the scrum is the one that works the best for you. Scrum motivates your team to learn and improvise based on experiences, organize themselves by working on a problem, and continuously improve by taking useful lessons from their wins and failures.

Scrum helps teams to easily get adapted to the changing business needs, re-prioritize their works, and constantly improve their skills and processes.

Get End-to-End
IT Development Solutions

Add value to your business with expert software outsourcing services from Softura! Get the talents and skills that suit your needs just right!

The Softura Difference
Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner

Lesser Risks

Why worry about risks when we are here to share it? We take up the responsibility and offer you results.

More Focus

Focus more on your core business while we focus on making your project a success.

Lesser Hassles

Build a hassle-free partnership with us! We carefully scrutinize all the project details to eliminate misunderstandings and stay updated.

More Efficiency

Improve your efficiency levels by opting for Agile, ISO 27001, and CMMI 3 certified processes.

Lesser Costs

Get the added benefit of not investing in operations and infrastructure. We’ll take care of all that!

More Results

Get more and better results that pave the way for your overall business growth.

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