Building An Agile Workforce
Onshore, offshore, project or specialty staff augmentation we have the service to accelerate your digital transformation

Team as a Service Solutions

Expand Your Capabilities

Global markets in this fast-paced world look for agility and continued adaptability. But for every new opportunity that arises, engaging your permanent staff alone can cause excessive burnout and impact employee morale and engagement. For optimum resource utilization, it is always better to engage your permanent employees in your core activities and bring in additional experts on-demand.

Softura offers you the “Team as a Service” model to help meet your skill requirements that do not require a long-term commitment, direct recruitment, and sourcing. Extend your IT department’s capabilities, add analysts, testing experts, programmers, project managers, QA Engineers, Azure/DevOps teams, or whatever talent you need to strengthen your in-house team!

Our expert team of resources will seamlessly integrate into your system and use the same tools, same methodologies, and adopt the same mindset to work together as one team with one common goal!

Softura TaaS

Empowering Businesses With the Best Teams
Dedicated IT Teams
IT Staff Augmentation
IT Software Outsourcing

Get the complete team that fills in all the roles you need with our expert team services! Whatever your specific project requirements are, be it technical writers, automation engineers, Android and iOS developers, managed service teams, or UI/UX engineers, we provide it all!

We adopt a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that you get to work only with the best and the most skilled IT talent in the industry. Well versed in agile development, our team works with you in sprints to cover up your backlogs, maintain your flexibility, and re-prioritize your needs to adjust and deliver the best results. We get the team formed in a flash and execute your plans in an instant!

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We provide you a complete team of the best management and tech talents you would ever need.
Be it a new product launch or a startup, our dedicated teams are the perfect solution to ensure that your core team stays focused without any diversion.
Let us take care of the hiring process and the costs associated with it. You can focus on your business and get the work done cost-effectively!

For any project to be successful, you need the right team of the right size. With changing project needs and talent requirements, you will need to keep adding new members

Softura offers you a professional service team that adds the professional acumen, flexibility, creativity, and speed you require to race up and scale-up. Our IT staff augmentation is a reliable, proven, and affordable way to augment your internal teams’ productivity levels with minimal effort.

The extended team will blend in as members of your local team without any restrictions. They will be taking part in your regular meetings, reporting to the same managers, and offering you a real competitive benefit.

Boost your project by integrating extra talents into your team!

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Add Value
Integrate professional software engineers into your system and increase your team’s capabilities while also adding more value to your business.
Hire Easily
Spot the right talents and hire the best skill sets you need for your project without worrying about retaining or maintaining the talents.
Eliminate Downtime
Leverage the TaaS Platform to get skilled IT engineers who have the technical expertise to solve any project hiccups and eliminate downtime effortlessly.
Improve Flexibility
Improve the flexibility of your project team by increasing or decreasing its size as needed with the help of our team’s talent expertise.

We offer you full-cycle software development right from the concept stage to deployment and maintenance. All you need to do is to provide us with your software's specifications. We deliver you an end-to-end solution that meets every need of yours!

Be it a simple enhancement to your current software or the development of an entirely new product right from scratch; we do it all. We work along with clients from different industries and use the process methodology and engagement model that suits your needs the best.

Armed with over two decades of experience in providing software outsourcing services to clients big and small, from all across the world, Softura is undoubtedly the best pick for you!

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Application Development
We work closely with you to understand your needs and develop custom software for your mobile or desktop applications.
Testing Services
Our software testing team can inspect each line of the code to ensure that your software will work to its true potential without delays or issues.
Usability Design
Our usability engineers will work together to improve your software’s user experience to ensure that all your applications are used productively.
Support & Maintenance
We are equipped with a professional support team to help you with their expert support services and application management.
Application Modernization
We also offer you application modernization services to help you to migrate all your legacy applications to the latest technologies.

Managed Service Teams

Talent Acquisition Redefined

Our team works with companies worldwide to transform businesses by hastening their digital transformation. We provide you access to full-time managed teams and individual engineers.

Reduce the workload on your core team and cut down all the unnecessary extra recruiting costs!

Ensure that your team will stay with you as long as you need them. We collaborate with you to offer you a stable and robust environment.

Scale your project teams up with Softura’s Team as a Service solutions! Add more talents as your business grows and cut down the team when the project ends.

Stay focused on getting the right results without wasting time on staff augmentation and recruitment. Be it a temporary or permanent staff need; we provide you the best!

Gain access to a complete network of professionals like project managers, testing teams, application specialists, and developers, to name a few.

Augment Your Workforce
Get The Right Team

Get a highly motivated, scalable team that will inspire innovation and drive growth in your business.

The Softura Benefit

The Team You Can Trust

Expert Talent

We offer you the best IT talent that will suit every project need of yours. We bring together a team of engineers under one roof to ensure seamless project implementation.

Exceptional Skills

We provide you unlimited access to all the skills you need, be it AI and machine learning, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, or cross-platform mobile app development.

Extensive Experience

Our senior engineers are armed with over two decades of experience in the field. We are certified experts with the practical expertise to meet any challenge with ease!

Engaged Teams

We consider ourselves as a big team that together works in unison to achieve your business needs. We will be a part of your project right from day one!

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