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Transforming Legacy Applications
Application Modernization Solutions

Gain a competitive advantage by modernizing your application portfolio today and deliver more agility and flexibility to your enterprise.
We understand that legacy applications are at the core of many business-critical functions. However, over time they incur heavy maintenance costs and slow the pace of innovation and time to market.

Innovate Faster with Elastic Scale on Modern Architecture
Transform Legacy Applications to the Cloud – From Monolithic to Microservices.
Design and Build New Applications leveraging Softura’s Reference Architecture and Connected Apps Accelerator.
Modernize Core Infrastructure and Migrate Platforms to the Cloud.

Softura’s Connected Apps Accelerator
Build Services Once. Share to Many

Softura’s Connected Apps solution on Microsoft Azure is a framework to build regular services on a common data pipeline with standard security features that can be built one time and be extended to all applications connected via APIs.
Softura provides a reference architecture on a common application framework that includes a consistent user experience via an online portal, data pipeline, security, notifications, and application lifecycle management.
Softura Connected Apps solution is your innovation accelerator. Softura will design your platform and data pipeline either on-premise or in the cloud using IaaS or PaaS using Cloud Native Serverless Architecture.

Eliminating Risks
Accelerating Strategic Approaches

Eliminate any operational risks with our technical expertise and our strategic approach built on an Agile framework. Take advantage of our vast industry experience and technological know-how to transform your core line-of-business operations into modern platforms.

Get a Glimpse of Greatness

The best way to see what modern architecture can do for your business is by experiencing it firsthand. At Softura, we prototype wireframes to demonstrate precisely how they will look for your business.

Softura Builds Better Apps, Faster with DevOps

Softura transforms the build process from project-based to continuous delivery. By uniting development and operations teams, we release software faster. We can demonstrate accurately how we build applications using Azure DevOps, Azure Boards, GitHub, CI/CD, and agile processes.

Softura’s Agile DevOps Process is Proven to Deliver Predictable, Consistent, Quality Code
Application Modernization Solution
Softura’s Extensive Toolset Enabling Faster, Lower Cost Innovation on DevOps:
Application Modernization Solutions
Softura Guides Your Journey to Modern Architecture

Softura can guide you step by step through your journey from your legacy environment to the modern Cloud Platform

Application Modernization Services

Softura Strength
Trust Us To Scale You High

Softura’s Team Delivers Quality Code that Scales

Softura has delivered over 1000 successful projects for 23+ years. Here are a few examples of projects we’ve delivered at scale

Application Modernization Solution
Getting Started with Softura Application Assessment

Simplify, Standardize and Speed up your digital journey with bespoke enterprise application development solutions from Softura!

Meeting 1
Application Modernization Solution
Discovery Session
  • Review Business Drivers & Pain Points
  • Current State Application Landscape
  • Potential Targets for Cloud Migration or Application Modernization and Development
Meeting 2
Application Modernization Solution
Art of the Possible Presentation
  • Value of Modern Architecture and What's Possible with Emerging Technologies
  • Softura's Approach
  • Demo of To-Be-State
  • High Level Roadmap, Recommendations and Cost Estimate

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We believe in sharing our knowledge & experience to inspire you, educate you, and guide you towards the digital transformation you have been looking for.

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