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Telematics Solution for Lawn Care Company


Typically, lawn care companies have a diverse fleet of vehicles. Gaining visibility to each vehicles health in real-time provides the company with needed information on various diagnostics, which allows fleet owners to take steps on maintenance. This preventative maintenance approach maximizes their vehicles up-time and helps reduce the total cost to ownership throughout the entire fleet. The lawn care industry demands improved driver behavior and route compliance to optimize proper scheduling and operating costs. Specific examples of this include taking an optimal route to a job site, reducing an engines idle time, not exceeding the speed limit, and eliminating erratic driving habits. Our client approached Softura to develop an end-to-end telematics solution to collect this real-time telemetry data from their fleet of vehicles. Information to be collected included navigation, remote vehicle health monitoring, and driver behavior insights.


Softura built an end-to-end telematics solution using an OBD-2 device, phone Integration, and a telematics backend to provide multiple features including:

  1. Remote health monitoring of the connected fleet
  2. Real-time alerts & notifications (Maintenance alerts – start/end)
  3. Driver behavior monitoring (Hard braking, acceleration, & speed alerts)
  4. Asset tracking & geo-fence
  5. Navigation assistance & route compliance
  6. Programmable firmware (Over-the-air updates)
  7. Printing invoices while at customer location
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