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A leading manufacturing giant has partnered with Softura to help build a technology that is focused on enabling real-time visibility and control of complex factory systems that were previously considered impossible to automate. Softura is continuously working with the client on process improvements to reduce the production scrap and increase the product quality by providing real-time visibility into the process control data for decision-making.​


Our Client currently has around 100+ assembly lines worldwide, and are experiencing more than $100M in wastage and scrap. The key reasons include:

  • Lack of real time visibility of process control data at the plant level
  • Decision making based on the tribal knowledge and not data driven
  • Not all the equipment instrumented with sensor to collect data for advanced analytics


Over the period of several months, Softura has worked with the client to build the foundational architecture, roadmap and rolled out the capabilities to:

  • Collect real time production and process data from the assembly line
  • Build a resilient architecture to isolate plant operations from any backend/cloud failures
  • Build real time dashboards for various personas including operators, plant managers, data scientists and process specialists
  • Provide deep insights into the existing data and determine ideal operating conditions to optimize production and reduce scrap
  • Data driven identification of anomalies in the extrusion process


  • Real time visibility of live data helps the plant personnel detect ideal and anomalous conditions during the manufacturing process
  • Even a 20% reduction of scrap based on data driven optimization, can result in several million dollars cost savings every year
  • Removes dependency from shop floor personals to determine the operating conditions in different lines
  • Improved data accuracy and decision making thereby improving the overall product quality​
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