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Custom App Development for Fuel Delivery Management


One of the fastest growing energy company in the Northwestern United States, distributing energy products: Gas, Aviation Fuel, Propane, Lubricants.


  • Unexpected tank run outs, resulting in customer business operations to go out of service. 
  • Higher costs to handle un-planned deliveries (~30% of total deliveries) to meet SLAs. 
  • Needed ability to track their mobile fuel tanks that serve their construction customers.
  • Lack of real time visibility of the Tank Levels to plan the inventory.
  • Looking for Data Driven forecasting to Predict Tank Run Outs in advance for continued business operations & improve delivery process.


  • Supports a variety of Telematics Devices – handles different messaging structures.
  • High volume ~5000+ Fuel Tanks, handles ~ 0.5 million IoT events/Day.
  • Real time streaming analytics to detect the fuel delivery - low tank level events.
  • Transforms the data to a single format for common analytical usage.
  • Personalized Custom Dashboards to visualize the Tank Level Trends, Sales Consumption Trends, Delivery Metrics, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics to forecast Tank Fuel Run outs before the event.


  • Scalable IoT platform to get real time visibility of the connected fuel pumps.
  • Ability to forecast demand and plan the fleet and staffing efficiently.
  • Ensure highest customer satisfaction by ensuring there is no run-outs.
  • Leverages PaaS offerings:
    1. Scalable
    2. Pay Per Use
    3. High Performance
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