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[Part 2] The Software Development as a Service Value Guide: How an ‘Extended Team’ Approach to Staff Augmentation Unlocks Value

The pace at which technologies evolve and mature is accelerated by mounting uncertainties such as the current global pandemic. Companies with in-house IT capabilities do not want to postpone creating solutions to solve today’s problems with the technology of tomorrow.

So, what could impede such forward-thinking companies from pursuing growth?

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Recruiting resources from the market is time-consuming and not cost effective. And ultimately the talent pool is often limited by geography. The solution? Outsourcing. The key to successful outsourcing lies in choosing the model that truly unlocks the most value and gives you the flexibility to aggressively pursue short-term opportunities.

Softura’s ‘Extended Team’ approach to IT Staff Augmentation works best for companies with development capabilities, that have a pipeline of projects but are unhappy with the turnaround times, primarily due to lack of resources. Here we’ve identified the top reasons why our Staff Augmentation capabilities are an ideal solution for such companies:

1. Availability of Resources

We already have a multitude of resources on hand ready to be assigned to your projects. All you need to do is define the required skillsets and skill levels. Here are some examples of specialty skill sets readily available:

  • Machine Learning (ML) Engineers – Python, Spark, and SQL. Experience in Natural Language Processing.
  • Cloud App Developers and Architects
  • UI/UX Engineers – Experience and Interaction Designing Skills.
  • Data Visualization – Power BI, Google Sheets, Tableau, Highcharts, Carto, Leaflet, GitHub.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data Analytics – Python, R, Apache Hadoop, LINQ, Hive, Advanced Excel – Power Query, Power Pivot.
  • Mobile App Development – Swift for iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Qt, Unity 3D, Sencha.
  • Programming Languages – C#, C++, Cobra, VB.NET, JavaScript, JSON, REST, XML, PHP, SOAP, Scala, Ruby, Typescript, SQL.
2. Rapid Onboarding

When you decide to partner with our IT Staff Augmentation team, you get instantaneous access to our comprehensive resource database that is continuously updated by our sourcing teams. You can screen, interview and shortlist candidates without delay. We also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you guaranteeing that the intellectual property rights of the solutions you create are entirely yours.

3. Seamless Integration into Existing Project Teams

Your Extended Team works as part of your local team, attending your regular meetings, and reporting directly to your staff. The resources you select will adhere to your established internal processes and procedures. We ensure that the organizational assimilation is seamless, both in terms of process compliance and adapting to your culture.

4. Immediate Productivity

Your Extended Team will be adept in your preferred software development methodology or framework, be it Agile, Scaled Agile or DevOps. You can directly start assigning tasks to these team members with the confidence that they will be productive from day 1.

Our engagement with your organization begins by not only understanding your requirements but also your value systems, vision, goals and approach to projects. As your partner, we guarantee the following:

  • Transparent Cost Structure – Your Extended Team will cost you less than what you would incur by recruiting, training, and managing resources yourself.
  • Access to the best resources that are aligned with your vision and work towards improving your Time to Market.
  • Provide you with the right resources for all types of projects – from assessment, prototyping to full-scale software development.
  • Adherence to confidentiality, intellectual property, non-competing, and non-disclosure requirements.

To learn how Softura’s ‘Extended Team’ approach to IT Staff Augmentation can unlock value your organization, contact us today.

Softura’s Software Development as a Service is a platform for three models of outcome-based outsourcing: Dedicated Teams, Staff Augmentation, and Software Outsourcing. Each of these models has specific business cases to be discussed over the course of this three-part blog series.



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