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GraphQL is a query language used to develop APIs that retrieve data from a server for a client like a website or a mobile app. The language makes it simpler for clients to receive the data in a predictable and hierarchical order. GraphQL APIs are better than REST APIs in extracting all relevant data with a single query. At Softura, you get a dedicated GraphQL development team to execute, manage, and deploy custom APIs.

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Softura's GraphQL Services

Softura is a leading custom application development company specializing in Microservices architecture in building cloud-native applications. Our API specialists use GraphQL to develop common APIs that provide a consistent interface for querying and mutating data.

GraphQL developers at Softura can assist you in making your current tech stack perform faster and more effectively. We will help you integrate GraphQL into your existing stack so that you may use the GraphQL gateway API to access, process, and maintain data from your business systems. We look after the integration without you intervening in the stages and without requiring your involvement in the process.

To ensure your application runs smoothly across all platforms and devices, our GraphQL developers test your GraphQL API, leveraging the API test cloud. Our dedicated API testing team runs tests as scheduled and validates that everything runs as expected. We can perform manual and automated API tests.

Our agile best practices enable us to continuously test apps and APIs during the development cycle and fix bugs that may affect user experience. Our QA experts specialize in Automated Smoke Tests through CI/CD pipelines, executing automation regression scripts, conducting Performance and Security tests before releasing a UAT version, releasing an update in a seamless staggered manner, and closing defects more quickly through DevOps-integrated defect management.

Why Choose Softura for GraphQL Development Services?

Top reasons customers prefer working with Softura for API development:
 1. Programming Language Expertise: GraphQL is typically implemented using JavaScript and Node.js. Softura has a team of professionals who are proficient in these technologies.
 2. Strong Query Fundamentals: Developers at Softura thoroughly understand how to construct queries and mutations and work with variables.
 3. Proven API Experience: We help design a GraphQL schema that is flexible, maintainable, and scalable.
 4. Skilled in Data and Functions: our developers possess the expertise to craft resolvers that efficiently and effectively retrieve the data required by your application.

Our GraphQL development services combine fast delivery with high-quality work. Our unique services stand out from the competition because of our attention to detail. We are committed to providing solutions that fulfill your business objectives, timeline, and budget throughout the web application development process.
Softura leverages agile methodology to help companies with iterative software development that shortens time to market. We hold regular scrum meetings to improve processes and procedures and deliver the best outcomes. Softura also uses DevOps tools to automate continuous integration, testing, and delivery (CI/CD).
At Softura, we are committed to creating software solutions focused on business objectives and offering the functionality you require while maintaining quality standards. Our test-driven development approach combines quality with accelerated development.


Yes! Frontend apps can be integrated with back-end services with APIs created using GraphQL. These APIs will help developers expose data conveniently. GraphQL will fetch the data from various sources through a query, thus promoting seamless device collaboration to create an omnichannel experience.
Depending on your project's complexity, we can take a few weeks to months to deliver your project. We maintain high standards using the agile development process and ensure that not to run over time. Talk to our experts immediately to receive a quote and a time and effort estimate for finishing your GraphQL project.
Multiple factors influence the cost of GraphQL development, including the development environment, the project category and complexity, and the number of developers. To obtain a development cost estimate, contact us with your project requirements, and we will provide you with a quote.
Our API development service includes support and maintenance for proactive monitoring and regular updates/upgrades.
Softura develops applications using agile software development methods. We hold sprint meetings and scrum calls to manage product backlogs and proactively inform our clients of progress. With the help of Microsoft Azure DevOps project management tools, our clients gain visibility into the project, including upcoming feature releases and the status of bugs fixed.
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© 2024 Softura - All Rights Reserved
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