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Serverless Computing Services

Build a Scalable and Cost-Effective Serverless Architecture with Low Operational Costs
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Serverless Computing Services

Serverless computing allows developers to create applications more quickly by eliminating the need to manage infrastructure. A serverless application runs on infrastructure automatically provisioned, scaled, and managed by a cloud service provider. This cloud application development and execution model is affordable for businesses since they are billed only when the code runs. We at Softura are partnered with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our software engineers have helped numerous companies to deploy scalable and cost-effective serverless backends. We are experienced in architecting and building applications based on serverless architecture using AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Azure Functions. Serverless applications enable our developers to provide more functionality in less time by lowering the operational dependencies during each development cycle.

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How Serverless Applications are Developed?

Using a variety of application patterns, developers at Softura develop serverless applications tailored to the specific requirements of businesses.

Developers can build applications as microservices and deploy on demand, only running when they are needed and automatically scaling up or down based on the workload.

Developers can seamlessly automate and execute multiple distributed tasks in a serverless environment without requiring new APIs, maintaining glue code, or coding interactions.

Serverless functions speed up the development process by leveraging triggers and event-driven models that automatically execute code in response to events to integrate additional services.

Scalability, compliance, and security are handled by fully managed services in a serverless environment.

A serverless API gateway is a fully-managed and provides centralized access for serverless backend services. It facilitates developers to manage, secure, publish, and perform global API analysis.

Serverless Computing Service

Why Choose Softura for Serverless Computing?

Softura is partnered with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Oracle Cloud. At Softura, our developers will help you quickly and effortlessly deploy scalable web and mobile applications using rich user interfaces. Softura's cloud specialists have rich experience developing Cloud native applications using Microservices Architecture, where the applications are decomposed into loosely coupled services. Our Agile DevOps Methodology also facilitates continuous customer feedback and testing to achieve quality delivery and higher customer satisfaction. Our specialists also use DevOps tools to automate the process of CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery). We've reusable code libraries and frameworks to accelerate development and reduce overall costs while delivering reliable, tested code.
Our team at Softura can help you develop robust web applications as fully orchestrated microservices (loosely coupled functionalities) that can be automatically executed based on demand and event triggers.
Our specialists can help you build various data-processing systems to process continuous streaming data. For example, files or simple data may be used to store, transform, or track application activity, generate metrics, or execute transactions.
Our experts will help you develop serverless backends to manage requests from 3rd party API, Internet of Things (IoT), web/mobile, and chatbot.


Serverless computing offers an array of advantages, such as:
Reduces software complexity
Less cost to scale
Less time to market and faster software release

To start with serverless computing, you must choose a serverless computing platform, such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions. These platforms provide the infrastructure and support you need to build and run your serverless applications. Talk to our cloud experts to explore more

Instead of opting for cloud space or on-premise hardware, developers can go serverless to access the memory on a pay-as-you-go basis. It allows developers to develop applications with improved agility at a lower cost.
Yes, you can. With serverless computing, you can purchase backend services leveraging the pay-as-you-go model. It means that you will only pay for things you use. It is different from other cloud computing models in which you have to pay for an entire server or a predefined amount of space even if you don't use them in their entirety.

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© 2024 Softura - All Rights Reserved
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