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SQL Server Development

Hyperscale Workloads and Enhance Performance with SQL Server Database
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SQL Server Development Services

SQL Server by Microsoft is a relational database management system that lets organizations integrate their organizational data into shared information. At Softura, we have a dedicated team of SQL Server Developers who deliver the best Microsoft SQL Server Development Services, including SQL Server Web Development, SQL Server Database Development, and SQL Server Application Development, to its clients. Our MS SQL Server Database development comprises exceptional database management capabilities leveraging BI-powered analytics. Since we are partnered with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, our Cloud SQL services include database infrastructure for applications that run anywhere. Cloud SQL Server is a fully managed database service having a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA). Being fully managed, it includes services such as backups, upgrades, maintenance, patching, and tuning.

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Technology Stack

Softura's SQL Server Development Services

We offer simple data import, export, and migration solutions that ensure transactions adhere to ACID principles (atomicity, accuracy, consistency, isolation, and durability). We define data attributes and integrity limits for timestamps, numeric data, and character strings. Our team maintains and customizes large, portable databases using Unicode and binary characters.

 Softura's SQL Server Programming Services comprises master data, integration, hosting, data quality, reporting, analysis, and data warehousing. Our SQL developers can develop robust enterprise-class database architectures and provide solutions for managing real-time data streams using relational data stream management systems (RDSMS) and configurations.

While implementing software modifications, we evaluate hardware system requirements, such as memory, latency, and CPU use, to ensure that our database design operates optimally. Using deconstructing database schemas, our developers improve referential consistency and improve de-normalized tables. Besides, SQL performance tuning helps identify wrong SQL queries and instances of ineffective indexing.

To minimize data loss due to human error, developers at Softura update and implement replication and disaster recovery solutions. Integrating authentication and authorization protocols facilitates log replication, log shipping, and availability of the publication database. We implement SQL Server Security practices for permissions, encryptions, firewalls, principals, and schema owners.

Dashboard modules are often customized for essential performance metrics and can be adapted for mobile devices (KPI). Softura's approach entails analyzing tabular and embedded data sources by deploying them in the reporting servers. We leverage data regions like charts, tables, indexes, and maps to tailor module view results.

Why Choose Softura?

Softura follows an agile approach that helps businesses scale their teams up and down, complete projects efficiently, and attain faster time to market. We conduct regular scrum sessions to decide which features to develop during the 2-week sprint. Besides, Softura leverages DevOps tools to automate continuous testing, integration, and delivery (CI/CD).
As part of Softura's Quality Assurance effort, we perform manual and automated testing to ensure that our web applications meet or exceed quality expectations. These include:
 1. Automated Smoke Test through CI/CD Pipeline in every build
 2. Automation Regression script execution before Customer release
 3. Performance and Security testing before the UAT release
 4. Seamless Staggered release as per customer request
 5. Faster defect closure through integrated defect management in DevOps
Our services are a complete blend of timely and quality delivery of services. Due to its attention to detail, we set ourselves apart from our peers. We focus on delivering solutions that meet your business goals, budget, and timeline throughout the application development lifecycle.
Softura works on the principle of transparency, fairness, and reliability. We guarantee total project visibility when you approach us for your application development needs.


Once we assign SQL developers for your project, they will be responsible for creating documentation for database applications and monitoring data security. Additionally, they will build SQL queries that integrate with applications and develop scripts, triggers, procedures, and functions that assist in application development.
Yes, of course. MS SQL Server is still counted as one of the top three popular solutions that are high performing and scalable. From start-ups to large-scale, companies still prefer to use MS SQL Server.
The two essential services that the database provides are SQL Server and SQL Server Agent. Other add-on services that the server offers include:
 1. SQL Server Browser
 2. SQL Server Integration Services
 3. SQL Server Full-Text Search
 4. SQL Server Analysis Services
 5. SQL Server Reporting Services
Amazon Web services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are some of the largest hosting providers you can consider. We at Softura are partnered with these hosts to offer Cloud SQL server services.

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© 2024 Softura - All Rights Reserved
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