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How Is AI Helping In Enhancing Customer Experience

How Is AI Helping In Enhancing Customer Experience


We no longer belong to a realm where artificial intelligence is a science fiction concept. According to Servion Global Solutions, it is predicted that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will drive 95% of customer experiences by 2025. With the world pacing faster, business leaders are increasingly interested in understanding how AI can improve customer experience. But the question is:

  • Is AI for customer experience an effective technology for businesses?
  • Would it make a difference in customer experience strategy?
  • To achieve their business goals, how are companies integrating AI technologies?

"Today, one of the main drivers of emerging technologies is artificial intelligence (AI), and it will continue to drive massive innovation in the coming years"

- Mark Murphy, CEO of Softura.

Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement – wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else is even in the same league" - Eliezer Yudkowsky - artificial intelligence theorist and writer.

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience?

Success in a business no longer depends solely on what your product is or about the pricing. Besides these factors, having a satisfying customer experience is a must. Are you thinking: How to achieve it? Leading companies know that AI in the customer journey can become their most effective weapon.

For instance, as a leader in sports technology and a great innovator in marketing, Nike launched a system that allowed its customers to design their sneakers in-store. Isn't it a great gimmick that Nike used to drive sales? Not only this, but the strategy also helped accumulate a considerable amount of data that machine learning algorithms can leverage for designing products in the future and delivering customized recommendations.

Nowadays, most companies are discovering new ways to improve customer experience and meet the demands of modern consumers with the help of artificial intelligence.

Here's how it works.

  • AI helps communicate with customers in a more relevant and engaging way
  • AI enhances a customer experience by anticipating what a customer might need
  • AI solves complex problems, making it easier for customer service reps to solve less complicated ones
  • AI can generate customer-specific reports and recommendations
  • AI helps in personalized marketing by predicting user trends and preferences

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Learn through the Case Study of how Softura implemented conversational AI for a global leader in the automotive industry.

AI is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of businesses today. AI helps companies to improve their understanding of the market by providing real-time information on what customers do at any given time to adjust accordingly. It also helps them respond faster - for example, by improving automated processes, such as sending out emails or making predictive decisions about whether specific actions should be taken based on previous interactions (such as buying something).

Did You Know?
According to Oberlo, 62% of consumers are willing to submit data to AI to have better experiences with businesses.

Examples of companies delivering higher customer experience using AI

  • Amazon 

Currently, Amazon's recommendation engines account for 35% of total sales. The company uses continuous AI to identify the context and intent behind customer search queries to understand why customers are researching specific products.

  • Airbnb

Artificial intelligence is one of the other technologies that Airbnb uses to its advantage. From improving search rankings, calculating prices, analyzing guest behavior, and discovering and categorizing in-app messages, Airbnb is utilizing AI effectively.

  • Google Assistant 

Google Assistant makes suggestions and acts on the language input of its users using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.

Ways to Delight Your Customers by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of customer service, and it's already here. An AI-enabled customer experience (CX) is designed to make interacting with customers more efficient and effective. These five ways show how AI makes business processes more efficient, profitable, and effective.

Some steps to get started:

Step 1 - Construct a Well-defined CX Strategy

You must grasp your CX vision and strategy before examining how AI enhances the customer experience. Get your team on board to discuss your customer-based expectations and the procedures you've been incorporating lately to meet their expectations. Using that, develop or revise a strong customer experience plan based on the knowledge obtained.

Step 2 - Plot & Analyze User Journey

A user connects with your business across many touchpoints and platforms, such as discovery, pre-sales, sales, customer support service, and beyond. Deliver an AI-based omnichannel consumer experience by devoting time and effort to learning about all those connecting points.

Step 3 - Gain Knowledge of AI Solutions

The next step is to gain extensive knowledge of AI solutions. To do that, find out what technologies can be included in your business model as the next step in using AI in customer experience strategy

Step 4 - Determine Whether to Integrate or Buy an AI Solution

The next thing to consider is whether to include AI in your current application or use it for the existing CX/AI solution. The former is better for a company if the internal team has highly qualified AI experts or collaboration with the ideal AI-focused mobile application development company. While choosing the latter can be a lucrative option with less time to construct an application.

Step 5 - Keep Track of Your Success Constantly with Data and adjust accordingly

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your CX strategy and then stepping aside is insufficient. It's also crucial to watch the KPIs and metrics to monitor the success of combining AI and customer experience. Therefore, tweak your plan for a better future

What Does the Future Hold?

AI is not just a buzzword. It's an essential element of today's customer experience, and businesses will continue to use it to deliver better products and services to their clients.

In fact, AI already plays a crucial role in helping companies improve how they deliver their services by making them valuable and efficient. For example, artificial intelligence can be used by organizations to analyze data from various sources, such as social media posts, to determine which messages resonate with customers most effectively and how best to respond when there are issues with service quality or product delivery.

  • This kind of analysis can also help identify ways for companies to make changes based on what you know about your audience's preferences or needs.
  • This insight could also help inform decisions, such as whether certain demographic groups might prefer one type over another (for example, men prefer white cars over women who prefer red or black ones).

To Conclude

Artificial Intelligence and customer experience (cx) go hand in hand. AI is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance customer experience. AI has the potential to make your entire business more efficient and productive while also adding new dimensions of value to your services. By incorporating machine learning algorithms and computer vision technologies, you can better understand how users interact with your products and services by tracking their actions over time - it's like having an invisible assistant in the palm of your hand.

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