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Transform your data from Hindsight to Insight, from Insight to Action. Business Analytics has been shown to dramatically improve a company’s awareness of opportunities which drives sales, reduce costs, and improve operations.


Custom Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Softura’s is a business analytics consulting firm with over 20+ years of experience.  Our business intelligence services will help you quickly move from spreadsheets of data into remarkable data-driven user experiences. Business intelligence and business analytics allow you to generate information that will provide actionable insights that can be accessed anywhere.  Prosper from the ability to scale your analytics capabilities and keep your data security strong.

Executive Dashboards | Machine Learning | Cloud Data Management | IT Operational Analytics | IoT Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) is about having the right information, at the right time, in the right format, for the right people.  With the evolution of BI tools, no longer does an organization need to depend on their IT professionals to be the primary users of BI applications.  Whether your focus is on traditional BI, using IT professionals to generate in-house transactional data to generate reports or modern BI where business users generate visuals and interact with systems to analyze data much faster Softura is here to help.

Welcome To Data-Driven User Experiences

Work With A Dedicated Team To Get Long Term ROI from Power BI

With business intelligence, your ability to access trends, analyze data, and predict future behavior leads to long term ROI.

Stay Ahead of the Competition By Spotting Data-Driven Trends

Business intelligence gives you the ability to spot trends in your data to make more informed business decisions.

Finally Understand Your Data With Visualizations and Graphics

Get the most out of your data with dashboards, visualizations, and reports which graphically explains your data and provides actionable results.

Fine Tune Strategies at an Operational Level

Analyze Structured & Unstructured data

Drive Productivity through Seamless Integrations

Access Your Dashboards From Anywhere Through the Cloud

Our Clients Include

Data Analytics Experts

Power BI | Qlik | Cognos | SSRS | SSAS | SSIS | T-SQL

We get you started for a small investment with the most powerful Business Intelligence solution on the market today.  Power BI gives you the data you need to make your critical business decisions.

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Service Offerings Include

  • Benchmark Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboard & Scorecards
  • Designing, Modification, & Customization of Reports
  • e-Statements
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis
  • Maintenance & Support
  • OLAP
  • Operational Business Intelligence
  • Portals Integrations
  • Process Management Solutions

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like a deer on a freeway.”  Geoffrey Moore | Author of Crossing the Chasm.

Benefits of a BI Solutions

Eliminate Guesswork Through Data Insight to Make Accurate & Timely Business Decisions
 Many times, executives make decisions based on their best guess and on their gut feeling. Often, these decisions are proven inaccurate because they were not completely informed. Using Business Intelligence, your decisions will be data and insight-driven, not taken by gut feeling. You will be able to analyze data in real-time for making immediate decisions.


Identify New Revenue Opportunities
By being able to analyze all your data, you will obtain insights about potential opportunities you might have missed in the past. You can create new offers to adjust to the current market situation and to better satisfy your customers.


Successfully track KPIs
Get alerts and notifications every time data changes regarding a specific KPI. If the data changes, you get notified and can drill down to see why it happened and what you can do to fix it.


Get Answers to All your Questions

Plus, gain insight to questions you did not even think of yet. This is the beauty of automated insights, they avoid our natural observational biases and give us ‘answers’ to issues we haven’t even noticed.


Allow Different Types of Users to Access Data & Dashboards
With self-service solutions, business users don’t have to depend on IT entirely to be able to access data and create dashboards, rather, they can access key metrics and reports. If you use a governed self-service BI tool, then you allow all users to benefit from BI, but maintain only one version of the truth.

Get a 360° View of Your Customers
You will understand customer behavior better and use it to provide the customer with customized offers. Knowing what customers buy or don’t, at what time and where enables you to turn this information into profit.

Better Inventory Management
BI can help you manage the amount of inventory you order, the logistics for correct management, and detect any anomalies in the inventory data.

Improve Productivity
Your BI solution will save you a lot of time by giving you insights within seconds. Long gone are the days of reporting that took weeks. You and your team can now get answers faster.

More Accurate Resource Allocation
You will know which areas of the business need more resources. BI allows you to analyze exactly how each business unit is doing and gives you insights as to how to improve them.

Take Advantage of Your Team’s Full Potential
By collaborating and being able to create discussions with other team members when you spot a change in data, you can make better decisions together. Find out who are the relevant people for a specific issue and create an ad-hoc team to solve it.

Incorporate Predictive Analytics
Be able to accurately predict what will happen, before it happens.  Ex. Know which machines or equipment are likely to need repairs so you can intervene before they breakdown.

Common BI Questions & Challenges

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of processes, technologies, and tools that allows us to turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into plans.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  You can’t measure what you can’t describe.”

The Goal of BI

BI is about using data to help users make better business decisions and improve business performance

  • Data quality issues
  • User resistance
  • Resource availability
  • No standardization of BI
  • Growth of data

BI helps you find answers to questions you know, big data helps you generate questions you do not know you want to ask

Enterprise Business Intelligence

  • Structured Data
  • Data Warehouse approach
  • ETL to Data Warehouse
  • Reliable and Enterprise ready
  • Heavy compute capabilities
  • Cloud based for elastic scale

Big Data

  • Unstructured Data
  • Large data volumes
  • Map Reduce
  • Data Lakes
  • Stream or batch based
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Ask Yourself.....

  • Do you have multiple silos of data that are hard to access or identify?
    • Do you wish these silos could be integrated into a single source of truth for our data?
  • Do your Managers, C-Levels, etc. have accurate dashboards that they can consume easily?

With a more immersive and innovative approach to data using the latest technology choices we bring a new mindset to the analytics discussion and your business objectives. 

 The measurement of this?

  • Greater team collaboration
  • Increased adoption and usage
  • Enhanced depth of knowledge throughout the organization

Analytics Services - Transform Data into Insight

  • BI Planning & Design – Power BI / Qlik
  • Domain COE Platform Build / Dashboards
  • BI Approach, Methodology, & Best Practices
BI Consulting Services
Leveraging over 20 years of success, Softura is a global software development and modern technology consulting company. Our mission is to innovate the world one technology solution at a time! Simply put - we design, code, and deliver complex architecture, applications and systems that are built upon leading modern technologies. Our global headquarters is in Farmington Hills, MI and we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner.

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