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JavaScript is a client-side programming language for developing dynamic webpages and web applications, and is used for adding dynamic elements to websites, such as forms, animations, drop-down menus, and maps. Softura has a team of JavaScript developers proficient at developing highly interactive websites and web apps with a faster loading time.

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Technology Stack

Softura's JavaScript Development Services

Our team of JavaScript specialists builds websites, including feature-rich multi-web pages, online apps, and more, using appropriate frameworks for web development.

JavaScript frameworks and libraries are used for developing cloud-native applications. These frameworks provide tools and libraries that help simplify the process of developing, deploying, and managing cloud-native applications. Our developers use JavaScript to create robust, secure, and scalable applications well-suited to cloud environments.

The QA team at Softura is proficient in using multiple JavaScript testing frameworks and libraries such as Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Chai, and Sinon, known for their ease of use in backend and frontend development.

Our JavaScript specialists use their extensive knowledge and experience to create unique, interactive, and user-friendly applications. Our developers leverage frameworks, such as NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, and more, to deliver applications tailored to your business needs.

TypeScript is similar to JavaScript, but the only difference is that TypeScript is a statically typed language. Our developers understand TypeScript functionalities and deliver web applications to businesses that are reliable and performant.

TypeScript Development

TypeScript is a programming language based on JavaScript and adds several additional features and tools. TypeScript is a type system that checks for errors in your code during compile time. As a result, it's easy to catch and fix bugs in code more quickly and easily. TypeScript has features that make it easier to write and maintain large, complex codebases and help improve the structure of your code. TypeScript is designed to be used with JavaScript and is intended to be backward-compatible with JavaScript code. Together, these languages provide a powerful and flexible platform for building web applications. Softura's TypeScript specialists have extensive experience developing websites and applications using robust TypeScript features. Using top-notch development technologies, our TypeScript developers offer varied TypeScript Development services, including:

Softura’s TypeScript Development Services

With TypeScript, our developers create custom TypeScript apps that are engaging, resilient, and scalable. As part of our development process, we discuss your idea, analyze your requirements, and then select the TypeScript tools and frameworks to create responsive and advanced applications with intuitive interfaces. Our developers can even compile back your .ts files into JavaScript.

Using TypeScript, our developers can build cloud-native applications. These applications are designed to run in a cloud computing environment, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These applications are built using microservices architecture, which enables them to be deployed and scaled easily and efficiently. TypeScript is designed to be compatible with JavaScript runtime, which is commonly used in cloud environments. This means code can be written using TypeScript that can be executed by JavaScript engines, making it easier to deploy and run your cloud-native applications.

Softura's experience as a typescript development company gives businesses access to web apps that excel in competition. Our developers use TypeScript language to write code and JavaScript language to build a structure, resulting in the development of innovative web apps. Both these languages provide a powerful and flexible platform for building web applications.

As part of our application maintenance and support services, we assess, refactor, and provide support for your existing applications. Our experts- will review your code, assist with bug fixes,, speed up the application, and resolve other prevailing issues. Version upgrades are also done regularly to keep your application updated.

Why Choose Softura?

By utilizing agile development methods, Softura delivers cost-effective, time-saving industry-specific technology solutions. Developers at Softura enhance customers' applications with better and more advanced functionality and features.
Our developers provide unique engagement models that satisfy your most demanding business requirements. We also help you accelerate your digital innovation by accelerating application release.
We perform manual and automated testing as part of Softura's Quality Assurance initiative to ensure our web applications are of high quality. These include:
 1. Automated Smoke Test in every build with CI/CD pipeline
 2. Automated regression scripts executed before customer releases
 3. A performance and security test is conducted before the release of UAT
Using integrated defect management in DevOps to close defects more quickly
Staggered release in accordance with customer requests.
Our skilled developers determine project complexities before developing the application. With DevOps and Agile methodologies, minor modifications are made periodically.
Softura does code quality reviews as part of the test-driven development approach. Code quality review helps identify and fix any issues with your code that could impact its performance, reliability, or maintainability.


While working on your JavaScript or TypeScript project, we will use advanced project management tools and agile methodologies to ensure the timely delivery of every project. Besides, we will give constant updates and communicate clearly with you using online collaboration tools.
The cost of developing a JavaScript or TypeScript project depends on multiple factors, including the development environment, project categories and complexity, the number of TypeScript developers or JavaScript developers, and the features your application needs. To obtain a development cost estimate, contact us with your requirements, and we will provide you with a quote.
Our developers are proficient in helping businesses switch from JavaScript to TypeScript easily and quickly without losing any functionality. Using a TS-migrate tool, our developers will easily convert your existing application to TypeScript.
Yes, we do. We take complete responsibility for post-development updates and maintenance as part of our extended software protection agreements. We provide support in additional engagements on a case-by-case basis.
Yes. Before offering JavaScript or TypeScript development services, we assess your project thoroughly by evaluating your requirements. Our JavaScript and TypeScript specialists can also assist you in choosing an appropriate framework.
We at Softura follow Agile Methodology and our processes geared for iterative incremental development approach for rapid development and continuous delivery of features. We follow a two-week sprint cycle and a test driven development approach.
When you outsource your JavaScript or TypeScript project to Softura, our developers ensure the following benefits:
 1. Low development cost
 2. Access to experienced developers
 3. Hybrid onshore-offshore model for easier coordination
 4. Assured quality and timely delivery

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© 2024 Softura - All Rights Reserved
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