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Helpdesk Challenges

There have been some significant advancements in the IT industry over the past few decades. Now, take a moment to think about your service desk. Is it adapting well to the rapid changes taking place in the IT landscape? An enterprise with a conventional IT helpdesk has several challenges to deal with:

  • Repetitive and manual tasks
  • Difficulty in tracking tickets in real-time
  • Backlogged service requests
  • A long chain of cross-functional teams’ approvals
  • Performance gaps

Ultimately, these inefficiencies result in more operational costs and poor user experience. If you want to transform your challenges into opportunities, it’s time to accelerate your business innovations with intelligent services.

Enabling superior customer experiences with AI
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Softura’s IT Helpdesk Automation Services

With the ever-evolving technology landscape, organizations are reshaping their business models with digitalization for exceptional outcomes. This rapid shift also enables IT helpdesk services to take advantage of AI approaches for exceptional user experience in this digital age.

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Softura - A Game-Changer in IT Ticketing Management

The role of IT helpdesk services is always indispensable where users expect prompt answers to their queries. At Softura, we help you to leverage advanced AI to deliver a better customer experience with a super-smart IT team. As a leader in IT support automation, Softura’s cloud-based platform with advanced AI solutions instantly resolves users’ issues. We offer end-to-end RPA services that help in automatically fixing IT issues right from request to resolution. Minimize your knowledge worker’s workload by eliminating repetitive, rule-based mundane tasks with a seamless, self-service helpdesk experience.

Our fully-featured helpdesk automation platform offers

Frictionless Ticket Automation

Ticket automating systems allow your IT support agent to work smarter, not harder. It has some serious potential to amp up resolution time and provides accurate answers to most support queries. Powered by machine learning, automated ticketing systems provide extra assistance to representatives by identifying recurring tasks, more informed solutions to user’s queries- so, your IT team can focus on more complex issues.

Faster Resolution Time

Softura’s operationalized platform is exclusively built with automated workflows that’re more attuned to user’s requests and offers real-time assistance and resolution quickly. With Natural Language Understanding (NLU), predictive analytics, and conversational AI, our solution is able to detect, diagnose and solve users’ issues well in advance. With AI-powered automation doing all the gruntwork, customers can witness faster resolution time.

Automated Standardized Process

In any organization, the topmost expectation from the users will be the speed to resolution. A slow response, difficulties in understanding the user's issues and prolonged delay between responses may lead to poor user experience. Our AI-driven automated standardized process provides accurate resolution, eliminating mundane tasks and allows you to focus on the core business.

Simplify Your Service Desk With Our Intelligent Solutions

Know more about how AI-driven automation can transform your helpdesk.

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Softura’s Advantage
Essentially any high-volume, rules-driven helpdesk operations can be automated. So, expand your automation horizon with Softura’s intelligent AI solutions for a remarkable impact on your helpdesk service, as we’re champions in powering teams of all sizes across the globe.

Data-Driven Decisions

As artificial intelligence provides data-driven insights by leveraging analytics, the support process becomes more efficient rather than beating around some guessworks. The need of the hour is to accelerate your support teams with Intelligent Service Desk for a digital engagement solution. To build data-driven strategies and digital capabilities, businesses must be agile and dynamic and most importantly “do more with less”.

IT Resilience and Business Continuity

Many organizations demand sophisticated solutions for their traditional IT helpdesk challenges. But they’re not sure what next-gen technologies needed to get to the future today. Understanding the need to overhaul an organization’s IT helpdesk service, Softura provides the right strategic move towards implementing AI-driven automated solutions for successful IT helpdesk management.

Scales Up Productivity

How long does your team spend analyzing software requests and process approvals? Long-waiting queues could be a daunting task for anyone and eventually, it could result in losing potential customers. With Softura’s IT helpdesk automation, your IT support can achieve a 99.6% increase in productivity and effectively resolve up to 55% of IT tickets. This first and foremost creates a productive environment for employees to focus more on the core business projects, without wasting time on resolving tickets.

Enhanced User Experience

Since time, technology has become the foundation of all business operations, IT helpdesk functionality also demands automation. Providing a unified point of contact for all IT incidents with easy-to-access bot agents delivers faster and accurate faster resolution. This, fortunately, enhances employees’ satisfaction and drives them to deliver their level best towards the organization’s growth.

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